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The Michigan State student from Wichita is still processing footage on campus

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) — Michigan State University students are still processing events that took place on Monday. A gunman opened fire Monday night at the University of East Lansing in Michigan, killing three and wounding five others, before shooting himself dead off campus during an hour-long manhunt in which frightened students they are hidden in the dark.

For nearly five hours, students, faculty and staff took refuge in campus buildings as police officers searched for the gunman. Sierra Bauman, a Wichita native, was one of those students.

“I saw a group of police around the buildings. I could see a lot of flashing lights and diving helicopters,” she said.

Bauman said she was alone when she sheltered in her apartment building. For safety, she stayed away from the windows.

“I turned off all the lights, grabbed my blanket, in the hallway, because I was like, ‘I might have to sleep here and listen to the scanner.'”

Although the mass shooting in the state of Michigan is weighing heavily on many, Bauman said she feels a little desensitized because incidents like this have become commonplace.

“I wasn’t really surprised by that, which is very sad,” she said sadly. “As things get more and more difficult in this world. For example, I recognize and expect it, but I also hope that one day things will improve.

This week, the State of Michigan is offering several ways for students to grieve. This includes counseling sessions and days off.

Bauman said he is relying on his faith in the aftermath of what happened Monday night.

“I’ll do my best to take care of myself, but ultimately my life is in God’s hands and so I have to trust that He will protect me,” she said.

Michigan State students will resume classes next Monday, February 20.

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