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The North Kansas City Police played a role in honoring the fallen K9

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The Kansas City Police Department is about to die two of its own.

Patrol Officer James Muhlbauer and K9 Champ were killed in a crash near the intersection of Truman Road and Benton Boulevard Wednesday night.

Champ died in the crash. The department said rescuers transported Muhlbauer to a hospital where he died of his injuries.

As the entire department deals with the deaths of two officers, Kansas City Police Chief Graves said his canine unit will stand by each other.

“Last night the bond and camaraderie of our K9 officers was something to behold. It was really something special to see them come together like that. They wanted to make sure that Champ and Jim were physically transported together for their heroes’ escort,” said Chief Stacey Graves, Kansas City Police Department.

That hero escort was made possible by officers from a different department.

“I especially thank the North Kansas City Police Department who transported Officer Champ to the hospital to reunite him with Officer Muhlbauer. Together, Agent Muhlbauer and K9 Champ have received a hero supply,” Graves said.

The North Kansas City Police Department knows how important outside help can be during a time of mourning.

The department relied on surrounding departments last year when one of its officers died in the line of duty in July.

Dozens of police officers from Kansas City Metro Departments provided special escort for Officer Daniel Vasquez after his death.

Other officers also stepped in to support the North Kansas City Police Department by allowing officers to attend Vazquez’s memorial and funeral.

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