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The price of gas dropped a couple cents a gallon on Sunday

The pump price is up about six cents a gallon from last week, AAA reported.

The state’s gas prices remain a couple of cents above the national average. Historically, Delaware gas prices have been lower than the national figure, due in part to the state’s lower gas tax. The average price in Delaware dropped a couple of cents between Saturday and Sunday

Gas prices are still about 50 cents below their month-ago figure. This cuts the cost of a 15-gallon supply by about $7.50.

Average Delaware prices Sunday

TimeframeRegularMid-GradePremiumDieselCurrent Avg.$3.523$3.968$4.248$4.548Yesterday Avg.$3.537$3.975$4.264$4.559Week Ago Avg.$3.459$3.850$4.126$4.382Month Ago Avg.$3.064$3.488$3.751$4.691Year Ago Avg.$3.276$3.662$3.914$3.735From AAA

A mid-week report from AAA found that Delaware had one of the largest increases in gas prices from the previous week.

States with the largest price increases

Colorado (25 cents), Delaware (22 cents), Michigan (19 cents), Alabama (19 cents), Louisiana (18 cents), Florida (18 cents), Tennessee (18 cents), Georgia (18 cents), Mississippi ( 18 cents) and Kansas (17 cents).

Gas demand rose slightly from 8.05 million barrels to 8.14 million barrels last week, according to new data from the Energy Information Administration. While winter storms in late 2022 contributed to a scarcer supply, this month’s mild winter may have led to more motorists getting behind the wheel, pushing pump prices higher.

In addition, gas prices were boosted by optimism that global oil demand will be firmer than expected in 2023 as China reopens its economy after imposing strict Covid-19 lockdowns that reduced demand AAA reported.

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