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The small business owner uses the money from the cartel sale to pay off the local school lunch debt

OVERLAND PARK, Kansas — A small business in Overland Park, Kansas supports the Kansas City Chiefs and a local elementary school.

Annie Stowe, the owner of ‘Annie’s Barn’ made the Chiefs yard signs after the AFC Championship game. Like all Chiefs gear, she sold fast.

“The 100-yard signs appeared Wednesday and those vanished in seconds,” Stowe said. “It was like one day, 24 hours, I was off the yard signs.”

So, he ordered 400 more.

“This is just like above and beyond what we normally do,” she said.

Stowe decided to take part of the profits and pay off the student lunch debt at Pawnee Elementary.

“I called them and said, I think I have $500 and I’m going to pay off these school lunches. Right? And they’re like, no, actually $2,000 is our total, but we’d love to have anything you can donate,” Stowe said.

The total was more than he had raised, so he posted on his Facebook page asking for donations.

“By lunchtime, we had the full amount,” she said. “It’s incredible.”

Stowe called the school to tell them the good news. She posted the video on her Facebook page.

“They were ecstatic. I think they were crying too. Yeah, it was really good,” she said.

He calls it “Out of the Red Friday” and hopes it becomes an annual tradition.

He said they have already chosen another elementary school and plan to do it all over again.

There are still marks left. You can order them from its website.

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