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The success of the leaders taught second graders independence

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. – Reading, writing, arithmetic and the Kansas City Chiefs.

An independence teacher is making boss success a part of her lesson plans to keep students interested in learning.

Becca Jacob is a second grade teacher at Fairmount Elementary School in Independence.

When the Chiefs started winning, he came up with the idea of ​​making his students have some fun and learn at the same time.

“I’ve been a lifelong Chiefs fan, so I wanted to bring it to life for my students. They show grit every day in the classroom and we see the Kansas City Chiefs show grit on the field, so I wanted to put two and two together and bring this lesson to life,” said Becca Jacob, a teacher at Fairmount Elementary School.

The students in his class are working together to solve math problems involving the Bosses. Each student has a worksheet that deals with grouping and grouping problems. Students work in pairs to answer three problems at a time.

For each worksheet they complete, students earn a piece of a player, such as a helmet, jersey, and shoes.

When a team solves all the problems on the sheet, they can color in the player and turn him into their favorite Chiefs player.

One person on the Chiefs roster is a favorite.

“I pick number 15 because he’s usually so fast and he’s the quarterback who passes to a lot of people and runs pretty fast,” said student Mateo Gonzalez Casas.

Jacob says he also encourages his students to give their player a pep talk.

Mateo said he would just tell Mahomes “go Chiefs!”

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