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The Topeka man was arrested after spending months on the run from police

TOPEKA (KSNT) – A man wanted for allegedly breaking into a house and ramming a police car is arrested after months on the run.

On the afternoon of August 19, 2022, Topeka Police responded to a call in the 2100 block of Southwest Potomac Drive. Topeka spokeswoman Rosie Nichols says Andrew Wagoner, 24, of Topeka, allegedly broke into a home, stole property and was involved in a disturbance with a gun.

Officers found Wagoner a short time later. They tried to arrest him, but police say he rammed a patrol vehicle and ran away.

Police finally located Wagoner again on January 31 and arrested him. He has been booked in jail on the following charges:

  • Aggravated theft; abode for crime, theft, sex
  • Aggravated assault of a law enforcement officer
  • Aggravated assault; use of a deadly weapon
  • aggravated battery; knowingly using a weapon to cause serious bodily harm/disfigure/death
  • Fleeing or attempting to evade law enforcement by engaging in reckless driving
  • reckless driving; unknown conviction
  • Immersion on the left side of the roadway
  • Speeding; maximum limits
  • Interference with a law enforcement officer; unknown circumstance; crime
  • Wait for another Kansas county

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