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The Topeka program works to overcome the differences between people

TOPEKA (FOX 43)- Topekans are all welcome, regardless of race, religion, age, or ability, to apply for this year’s round of Topeka Mosaic Partner Pairs.

If you are wondering what the Topeka Mosaic Partner Pairs program is all about, it is best described in detail on its website:

The core concept of Mosaic Partner Pairs is that building deep and lasting individual relationships between people who may not look alike, or adore the same, or otherwise relate to family and community in the same way is essential to building access to the entire range of community health and equity.

Once you’re assigned a pair, you meet three times a month. Anyone who wants to be involved in the program must be able to set aside 2 hours a week to commit to meeting their partner. Two of the meetings are more personal, one-on-one meetings while the other will be a cluster group meeting.

During these meetings, people will dive deep into those hard and difficult conversations that people tend to shy away from. The point is to hear a different perspective than yours and dive into that discomfort which will hopefully turn into the discovery of friendship, culture and community in the process.

Dr. Beryl New, co-chair of Topeka United’s Mosaic Partner Pairs, joined couples coach Lara Waits to attend the Fox 43 AM Live show to talk about their experiences, as well as some details about the new things they have move forward this year. If you’re interested in watching it, we’ve posted it above.

This year, the program will kick off on April 15 and run until December 23. The deadline to send the application to participate in the Mosaic Partner Pair experience is February 28th. If you are interested, click here.

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