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The Washburn Rural twins bring pitching talents to K-State

TOPEKA (KSNT) — Twin Washburn Rural pitchers Max and Sam Bettis have committed to play baseball at K-State.

Max has an extra minute and beat even his brother in a Twitter engagement post. This time, by two minutes.

I am happy and honored to announce my commitment to Kansas State University to further my baseball and academic career. I would like to thank my parents, coaches and friends for helping me get to where I am.#EMAW pic.twitter.com/P9IluQQM22

— MaxBettis (@MaxBettis40) February 10, 2023

I am thrilled and happy to announce my commitment to Kansas State University to further my athletic and academic career. I would like to thank God, my family, friends, teammates, coaches and everyone who helped me! #EMAW pic.twitter.com/iDL5QiI5vy

—Sam Bettis (@SamBettis3) February 10, 2023

The two share many similarities on and off the mound. When asked if they are similar in everything, they answered simultaneously: “For the most part, yes.”

“Pretty similar. For example, our GPAs are pretty close, how we pitch is pretty close. All our tone types, that kind of thing, it’s all pretty similar,” Max Bettis said.

Needing a win at something, Sam was quick to point out who throws the fastest.

“I do it, currently, at 89 years old [miles per hour],” Sam Bettis said. “I had a big jump last year, and it keeps going up. It’s pretty consistent, gaining four to five miles an hour a year.

It’s a quick pace regardless, but the craziest part is that these two Division I pledges are only sophomores.

“With the culture of baseball, everyone commits early on as it is,” said Sam Bettis.

The two agree that getting an engagement out of the way is a breath of fresh air.

“I mean, it’s amazing,” Max Bettis said. “At this point I don’t have to worry about the academic aspect. Now I can only really focus on myself, making strides in the weight room and throwing.

Both remain competitive in everything they do, but the twins agree that being able to keep their catching partner for life was a big reason to go to K-State.

“He really pushes me all the time, so it’s really cool to be able to play with him,” said Sam Bettis.

“Yeah, that was definitely a deciding factor, definitely a plus playing together,” said Max Bettis.

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