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The Wichita Buzz: Vol. 1 ed. 4 – Ms. Pow Pow and Goddard vs. Park City

Good Friday! It’s February 24, and here we are with our new recap of what went down in Wichita this past week.

Being the first Friday of Lent, I bet the lines today will be long at Long John Silver.

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Park City versus GoddardThe City of Park held a forum for city residents about a proposed STAR bond district that could include baseball and softball fields. Then, in something out of a WWE script, Goddard’s city attorney Ryan Peck and Goddard Mayor Hunter Larkin arrived to oppose the project. Who knows what will come of the situation, but I propose a tag team wrestling match at the Sedgwick County Fair between Goddard and the leaders of Park City. (Moreover)

Amendment of the regulations on home care facilitiesThere has been a shortage of everything in this world including childcare. I couldn’t tell you how many people have contacted me seeking childcare. With an estimated 299 home care facilities in Wichita, the limit for children used to be 10. But thanks to a change, home care facilities that have the designation “Day Care, Limited” can now have 12 children. (Moreover)

More than 2500 jobs coming to the cityIntegra Technologies has announced a new building that will house its headquarters and manufacturing facility in Bel Aire. The semiconductor manufacturing plant is expected to bring 2,500 jobs to the area. Does anyone know if they need a dedicated blogger? (Moreover)


$1 million weight room remodelThe last time former Shocker Fred VanVleet was in Wichita, he mentioned improvements needed to the Koch Arena weight room. Now he’s putting his money where his mouth is with a $250,000 donation to the $1 million weight room renovation project. (Moreover)

Mrs Pow PowA local teacher, LaShay Powell of Northeast Magnet, also known as Ms. Pow Pow, received the Connected Cats Spirit of K-State Award. This award is given to recognize teachers who make a positive impact and encourage their students to thrive and grow. (Moreover)

Competition for growing crystals in the United StatesCollege Hill Elementary School’s fifth-grade class placed in the top 10 in a US crystal-growing competition. The class grew 20 crystals and sent the top four to the University at Buffalo to be judged in the K-8 category and one in the teacher category. Out of 166 entries, all four crystals in the class were recognized; they placed 10th in the K-8 quality category, 3rd in the teachers crystal category, and received honorable mentions for the other two crystals. (Moreover)

Local TikTok goes viralA TikTok video shot in Dwight D. Eisenhower’s video about the Wichita Public Library’s short story dispenser has gone viral. Check it out:

@kimengineerswichita public library has the most delicious story dispenser in the airport!♬ original sound – KimEngineers


Construction of the highway will start next monthThe Kansas Turnpike construction season will begin in March. This will include 13 new projects and five projects carried over from 2022 (More)

Appeal your property taxSome of you may see a rise in property tax this year. Judgments go out in the mail next week, so be prepared. Sedgwick County Appraiser Matt Clark encourages homeowners who disagree with their increase in value to appeal. (Moreover)

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> KU School of Medicine awarded $2.5 million to expand mental health focus with pediatric program.

> High-end duplex development is coming to the outskirts of West Wichita.

> After 43 years, the dean of university libraries retires at Wichita State University.

> The Tropics exhibit at Sedgwick County Zoo is finally back open after being closed for a year.

> The family carries on the legacy of the Wichita North High basketball star.

> A new Chief Executive Officer has been appointed at the Kansas Humane Society.

Did you hear there’s a new calendar in Wichita that showcases all the live music available in the city? Check it out below!

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