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The Wichita Buzz: Vol. 1 Number 1

Good Friday! It’s January 27, and here we are with our new recap of what went down in Wichita this past week.

If you’re curious as to why it’s called The Wichita Buzz, let’s bring out the idea of ​​civic journalism aka public journalism. An important component of public journalism seeks to treat readers and community members as participants. Writers must see events from the point of view of the citizen rather than that of the media. One of the fathers of public journalism is W. Davis “Buzz” Merritt Jr., former editor of The Wichita Eagle.

I believe in sharing stories as if you were talking to friends. Telling them through the eyes of those who consider themselves part of the general public. And with that, The Wichita Buzz is a nod to public journalism and Merritt.

The buzz of Wichita is divided into three main parts. Love. Laugh. Learn.

We will share stories that will make you love our city, laugh at ourselves, and learn about the things in our home. It covers not only Wichita, but the surrounding area.

Don’t be strangers. I’m here to hear what’s going on. Send us stories you think are great at [email protected].


Shocker Nation over 1300 miles awayWhen it comes to fan loyalty, Rod and Pam Alston might be the most devoted Shockers fans in the country.

The couple reside in Oakland, CA, but manage to fly to Wichita, KS to watch all their home games. You read right. They take the Southwest Airlines flight from Oakland to Denver to Wichita.

They have only lost one game so far this season but have made every other game. It’s something I can appreciate and love. Regardless of your allegiance to any team, that’s dedication. (Moreover)

A beeper of the buzzer makes the Wichita buzzIn some more enjoyable sports moments, we watched Newton High School senior Ivan Guara.

Guara is a star player in the Tri-County Basketball League, which is dedicated to students with disabilities. When you think of SportsCenter’s Top 10 Moments for basketball, you think of posterizing dunks, deep threes, and game-winning hitters. The latter is exactly what Guara did during a match between Newton and Wellington when he nailed a half-court buzzer to win the match. (Moreover)


God, Oh GoddardWhy is it that whenever something in or around Wichita makes a national site, more often than not it’s something that makes you shake your head?

This is what happened when Goddard, KS made some national sites when Hunter Larkin once again became Mayor of Goddard. All this after, he resigned in May 2022. In less than a day, what has been described by some as a coup took place. Mayor Larry Zimmerman was ousted, Larkin was voted mayor again, two people were nominated for council seats, the city manager was fired, and an assistant city manager basically said, “Fuck it, me I’m leaving” without directly saying that.

A Facebook group called For Goddard’s Sake was started.

It’s quite the story and something I thought I’d only see in a TV show. When I first heard about it, I was bursting out laughing and thought WTF. You can’t write this folks, but reading more about what happened, maybe it was! (Moreover)

Shockers drops to 3-5 in the conferenceThe Shocker men’s basketball team gave up another double-digit lead, this time to Tulane. Only this time they weren’t able to bring it out as they lost 95-90 in overtime. I’m usually upset after a loss, but after a lot of heartthrobs this season, I just laugh. (Moreover)

Shortage of wet floor signs hits WichitaIf you happen to see someone selling a Wet Floors sign on the internet, be careful, as it could be the one stolen from the Pumphouse. (wade)


Wichita’s homeless veteran population is not improvingThe military veterans support organization, Passageways, says the population of local veterans in need hasn’t improved. While the national trend has seen an uptick, the opposite is happening here in Wichita. (Moreover)

Stay away from I-135 southbound at the north interchangeKDOT announced that an adjacent bridge will be demolished on Saturday, January 28. They will close I-135 southbound from 7am to 6pm at the North Interchange. The closure will occur at K-254 westbound and I-235 southbound. Traffic will be diverted to I-235 Southbound to Broadway, I-235 Northbound to I-135 Southbound. (Moreover)

Don’t do Arkansas River fish food reviewsIf you catch bottom feeding fish like buffalo, carp, catfish, sturgeon and suckers or even shellfish from Kansas, DO. NOT. TO EAT. IT. You have a better chance of eating Taco Bell. (Moreover)

Trying to get off the state drug registry listIf you happen to be one of the readers on the State Drug Registry list, I have some good news to share! Kansas Legal Services and the Wichita Bar Association offer potentially free assistance to individuals who wish to be delisted. ACT NOW, though, as you need to sign up by January 27, then attend an in-person clinic on February 3. (Other)

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> The forecast for the weekend i.e. Sunday will suck!

> The bomb squad pays a visit to Derby High School.

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