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The Wichita restaurant takes unique measures to prevent break-ins

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) – After a series of break-ins at a restaurant in Wichita, a small business near downtown has come up with an unusual plan to prevent more thefts.

Argentine Empanadas are a new small business in town. After recent raids on local businesses, its owner is taking steps to protect her property. She also wants to share her plan with others.

“I know it won’t necessarily prevent it 100%, but we thought this should be a step we can take to prevent (a break-in),” said Caroline Freeman, owner of Argentine Empanadas.

The plan begins with “hiding in plain sight,” he said.

This starts with emptying the cash register and making it visible.

“We thought it was a good idea to show people at the window that, ‘hey, we took all our money out of here. We have no value, maybe you don’t want to break in,” Freeman said.

He said the strategy doesn’t stop at the empty cash register.

Freeman said he also removes electronics, including removing the company’s iPad from its charging dock in an out-of-sight area and placing the dock next to the empty cash register in the window.

Freeman said she has been sharing her thoughts on theft prevention on social media in hopes of raising awareness of other small restaurant businesses and giving them a practical idea to protect their business when it shuts down.

“It’s important to me to also preserve and help people who are entrepreneurs like me,” she said.

12 News The personal protection expert offered insight into the recent spate of break-ins and an answer to the “hide in plain sight” strategy.

“This is a case, probably someone who has worked in a company like this knows the general operations, where the money might be,” he said. “I’m not saying this is a fact, but if I were a bettor, I’d say it’s probably an area that law enforcement agencies should certainly explore.”

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