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Tips on Sharing the Road With Commercial Truck Drivers

You have probably seen several commercial trucks on your commute to work or on a road trip. While commercial trucks are responsible for the fast shipping times that you are used to, you might be worried about how their presence affects your safety on the road. Consider the following tips on sharing the road with commercial truck drivers.

Use Extra Caution on the Interstates and Industrial Roads

While commercial trucks are everywhere, they are most prevalent on the interstates and in the industrial parts of a city. Interstates are made for vehicles of any size, were designed for faster cross-country travel, and are easier to traverse than back roads, so commercial truck drivers prefer to use them to get to their destination when they can. As far as industrial roads go, that is where all of the commercial truck drivers go to check in, get weighed, and load up for their next destination when it comes to most situations. Therefore, it is vital to exercise the most caution on interstates and industrial roads when you need to travel on them. 

Unfortunately, there are a lot of other things on the same roads that you need to watch out for in addition to commercial truck drivers, including construction and any strange occurrences such as junctions or severe accidents. The truck drivers cannot always see the obstacles, and one of the things that causes the most commercial truck accidents is when the drivers merge before they are clear to do so. If that happens to you, a Tractor trailer injury attorney is who you will need to go to for a chance at compensation.

Give Them a Wide Berth at Traffic Lights

You might have seen someone have to back up a little bit so a commercial truck could make their turn without hitting the person who was in the way. To prevent this, you might want to consider giving commercial truck drivers a wide berth if you see them in a turning lane. Commercial trucks require wide turns, and if you are too close to where they need to turn, your car could end up getting scraped.

Do Not Merge Right In Front of Them

Commercial trucks do not have the ability to stop on a dime like most passenger cars can. Therefore, if you have ever considered merging into the space between a commercial truck and the car in front of it, it is better for you if you do not. The commercial truck driver may not be able to slow down or stop in time, and you might end up getting rear-ended. The space is there for a reason, and it should be left alone so accidents are less likely to happen.

While it can be intimidating to share the road with commercial truck drivers, there is a way to do it that increases safety for everyone involved. Keep these tips in mind and remember to incorporate them the next time you have to share the road with commercial truck drivers.

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