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Tom Holland felt more pressure making Uncharted than SpiderMan

In 2016, Tom Holland became one of the most prominent actors in the MCU after starring in the video game Uncharted. Tom Holland, who has played Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, says that he felt more pressure acting in Uncharted than when he was younger to play Peter Parker in the movies. After Spider-Man Homecoming, Holland will take on another role in the film series Uncharted. The Uncharted video game series features Nathan Drake, a wisecracking treasure hunter who embarks on a journey searching for Indiana Jones. The movie will be a prequel to the games, focusing on Nathan’s early years with Sullivan.

Holland explains how he played the role of Nathan Drake, comparing it to Spider-Man’s stress.

He said that preparing for Spider-Man was a bit overwhelming for him, as he was too young to understand how much pressure it is to play a role in a film. He added that it was beneficial to have the experience of making the video game series. Initially, fans of the series were not pleased with the casting of Holland and Wahlberg. Their chemistry and the film’s trailer make it more interesting.

Tom Holland discusses the most significant difficulty he faced while playing Nathan Drake in Uncharted.

Tom Holland talks about the most challenging aspect of playing Nathan Drake in the film. In the film, Holland portrays Nathan Drake, a wealthy treasure hunter who embarks on a journey to find his true fortune. Other actors include Mark Walberg and Antonio Banderas. When it was announced that Holland would be taking on the role of Drake, fans were initially skeptical about the actor due to his age and more petite frame. During an interview, Holland discussed the various difficulties he experienced while filming “No Way Home.” In terms of Drake’s personality, it’s rare for an actor to go into uncharted territory. For Nathanial Holland, it was an opportunity to explore what’s new for him.

Playing Drake was a bit challenging for him, as he had always portrayed the outsider. To get used to the character, he had to feel comfortable with his quirks. Tom Holland is best known for his role as Peter Parker in the Marvel Universe. In recent years, he has also earned various other notable roles, letting him break free from the superhero mold. It was unusual for him to play a cool character in Holland’s case. For him, the challenge presented to him was a valuable learning experience.

In the Movie News, Tom Holland reveals getting hit by a car several times during Uncharted filming and how pretty cool it was.

Tom Holland is all set to star in the upcoming movie “Uncharted,” featuring Mark Wahlberg. The actor has talked about the high-octane action sequences featured in the film. The trailer and promotional materials for the movie promise that “Uncharted” will be a truly exciting ride. During an interview, Holland talked about one of the best moments from the film’s shoot, which is when he was hit by a car. He said it was an incredible moment to witness since it was the 17th time he got hit by a car. Before the movie, Holland talked about how challenging it was to shoot a plane stunt in the film. He noted that it took him and his crew around five weeks to shoot that scene. The movie’s story involves Nathan Drake; a skilled treasure hunter tasked with recovering a fortune from Ferdinand and the House of Moncada. When he and his partner Sully start to realize that they’re not the only ones looking for the treasure, they embark on an adventure across the globe.

According to Tom Holland, the Uncharted plane stunt is the ‘hardest’ part sequence he has worked on: It was terrifying.

In a new behind-the-scenes video, Tom Holland talks about the most challenging action sequence he’s ever done in his career. The video game series inspired the story of Uncharted, and it follows the adventure of Nathan Drake and Sully, who are tasked with searching for a buried treasure. In preparation for the release of its movie, Sony has released a new video that shows Tom Holland’s experience shooting the aircraft stunt. He said that the film’s crew had to film the stunt for around five weeks. During one of the sessions, he was strapped into a spinning box, and he would hang on until he was thrown off.

Given the amount of work he has done as Spider-Man, Tom Holland claims that the aircraft stunt was the toughest one he has ever done is quite impressive. The footage shows him being lifted from the boxes onto wires, and he then hurled into the screen in front of a blue LED. The film’s director said that the stunt served as a way to bring the action to life.

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