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Top well-paying jobs for teenagers

The best way to develop your professional skills is to start working while you are still young. It is also the best way to save money while you are still a teenager. According to online essay writer, you don’t have to work long hours for minimum wage. Many opportunities offer a good pay for less time which is just as important for teenager.  As a teenager, you can look for work during the summer as well as part-time work when you are not in school. Below are a few jobs that can help a teenager earn extra cash.

Camp counselor

If you love the outdoors, then camp counseling is the perfect job for you. You get to have fun activities, eat good food, and sleep in a cabin as you earn some money in the process. What could be better than that?

In most cases, the age limit for this job is 16, and your responsibility is to supervise young kids. Part of your role will be to coordinate daily activities, counseling the kids, and ensuring they are safe. It is the perfect way to improve your leadership skill.

Food server

Your job is to ensure that you offer excellent service to customers. Foodservice includes duties such as cleaning, supervisory, hospitality & catering jobs, preparing the bills jobs, serving food jobs and taking orders jobs. You will enjoy this job if you can work in a fast-moving environment and you are good at multitasking. 


You can work at a restaurant, retail store, greengrocers, or even a supermarket. The job involves counting money at the register, handing them money, and scanning products. Being excellent in math is an added advantage to this line of work. Also, you need to have customer service skills to excel in this job.

Golf Caddie

The duties of this job include measuring yardages, cleaning the golf clubs, and carrying the golf bags. The main goal of this job is for you to assist in making the game enjoyable for the golfer. A single golf game may take up to four hours. In addition to the hourly pay, you also get tips. It is a lucrative job despite it being very demanding.


Acting can be quite a rewarding job for a teenager. Good acting can get you awesome gigs on films, TV commercials, and theatre productions. However, it is a highly competitive job that requires a great deal of effort to stand out. Try out several auditions to increase your chances of getting more of these jobs as well as improve your professional skills.

High school tutor

Tutoring requires you to be excellent at what you are teaching, have good communication skills, and be patient. You get to impart knowledge to others by sharing your expertise in various subjects with your peers. It is upon you to send the message out concerning your services if you feel confident in your skills.

Dog Walker

If you love animals, dog walking can be the perfect way to earn extra money. With the surge in dog owners, the demand for people to walk the dogs is growing drastically. Urban areas offer you the best chance to get such jobs. For a starter, begins by walking your close friend’s dogs, which will aid you in getting referrals and grow your customer base. It is a profession that needs a lot of trust.

Delivery worker

It is a well-paying and flexible job for a teenager. The delivery job ranges from groceries, foods, and newspapers. The mode of transports can be on foot, bicycle, or car, which means you don’t need a driver’s license to get this job. 


Balancing between your studies and a job can be challenging, and also finding that part-time job as a teenager is not easy. The above professions will help you gain experience and also get to learn a few soft skills.

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