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Topeka business, fans prepare ahead of AFC championship game


TOPEKA (KSNT) — For the fifth straight year, the Chiefs play the AFC Championship game at Arrowhead Stadium. With that comes enthusiastic fans and more business for local bars.

NFL Sunday has always been good for business at the Jerimiah Bullfrogs in Topeka. But this Sunday, just like the past four years, workers are expecting more than just a Chiefs win.

“When the Chiefs do good, it’s very good for the bar and the bar sales,” said Bullfrogs worker Lloyd Bias. “And it also brings in so much revenue for not just us, but other bars around Topeka as well.”

With great games comes preparation. Bullfrogs staff plan ahead to ensure they don’t run out of what they need to give customers the best gaming experience possible.

“We tend to stock up on supplies and staff just to make sure the customer is getting the good experience they want,” said Bias. “Just like being in the game.”

Chiefs Bernie Lusk fans are equally excited about the game even if it won’t be at the Arrowhead.

“Oh, I’m really excited,” Lusk said. “I almost bought the tickets. I’m not nervous at all. I think the bosses have more interest in them now because they won’t let them [Bengals] do it again to them. They will win it by at least a touchdown, I’m sure. I think they’ll come out strong in the beginning, and then eventually like they normally do, they’ll come back and make it even more difficult for the Bengals to win anything.

The Chiefs-Bengals match kicks off Sunday at 5.30pm. And just like most bars, you can expect a red wave from Bullfrogs.

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