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Useful Tips On How To Maintain Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture is a favorite option for many householders because of its natural beauty and durability. However, like most types of furniture, wooden pieces require regular care and maintenance to ensure that they look their best and last for many years. In this article, we’ll discuss some useful tips on how to maintain your wooden furniture.

Research Shou Sugi Ban

Shou Sugi Ban is the Japanese practice of charring wood. The process involves burning the wood, which creates a protective layer that helps to preserve and protect the furniture. This method is often used on outdoor furniture, as it can prolong its life. There are a few things to keep in mind when using this method:

  • Only use clean wood
  • Make sure that you burn the wood evenly so there is an even layer of protection
  • Be careful not to overburn the wood, as this can damage the furniture
  • Be aware that this process can’t be used successfully on all wood types
  • Stay safe at all times when utilizing a blow torch

The internet is a great resource for some additional information on this. You can read about the art of Shou Sugi Ban as well as its benefits and the woods used. You can view the process and see examples, and research Shou Sugi Ban Oil and Pure Tung Oil.   

Regularly Clean It

In order to keep your wood furniture looking great, dust (weekly) and polish it (every few months). This will help to remove any dirt, grime or dust that has built up on the surface. In terms of protection, polish acts as a barrier against water and other liquids that can potentially damage the wood. In addition, it’s important to vacuum or sweep underneath and around your furniture regularly to prevent dust buildup.

When cleaning your wood furniture, be sure to use the right products. Avoid using harsh cleaners as they can damage the finish of your furniture. Instead, opt for a mild cleaner or one specifically designed for wood surfaces. You can also use a natural cleaner such as vinegar or olive oil to do the job.

Make Some Basic Repairs

Regularly inspect your wooden furniture for any damage or signs of wear and tear, and fix them as soon as possible. If there are any loose joints, tighten them up with some wood glue or screws.

You should also sand down any rough edges and touch up the finish if necessary. If there are any scratches, dents, or gouges, use a wood filler to fill them in before sanding them down. It may also be possible to use sandpaper to buff out scratches. Some other possible repairs include:

  • Re-glueing loose veneers
  • Tightening up joint screws
  • Filling in holes with wood putty

Provide Some Protection


Water is the enemy of wood furniture because it can cause it to warp or become damaged. For this reason, keep it away from sources of water like windows, radiators, sinks, toilets or showers. If water does spill on your furniture, dry it off immediately with a soft cloth. To further protect your furniture, use coasters whenever you set down a drink. This will help absorb any moisture before it has a chance to damage the wood. You should also use a tablecloth when eating. Finally, store your wooden furniture in a dry place when not in use to prevent any warping or cracking.

Light, Heat And The Elements

Keep your furniture away from direct sunlight and heat sources, as this can cause the wood to warp over time. It can also make it become brittle and crack – or fade in color. You should move it away from windows and doors to prevent it from being damaged by the weather conditions. For instance, rain and humidity can cause your furniture to warp and rot. If it’s not possible to avoid UV light altogether, at least try to shade the piece with a light-colored cloth. In summary, to protect your furniture from the elements, you should keep it in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. If you have to store it outside, make sure that it’s covered with a tarp or other waterproof material.

With the help of these 4 tips, you’ll be well-placed to keep your wooden furniture at its best. Check out Shou Sugi Ban and regularly clean your furniture. Make any necessary repairs and protect it at all times. As a result of your continuing care and attention, you’ll be able to extend its life and keep it as a focal point in each room.

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