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Verizon deploys private 5G wireless network at Deloitte’s Smart Factory in Wichita

With Deloitte, Smart Factory leverages Verizon 5G and edge computing to develop applications and solutions for the manufacturing and retail industries.

FREMONT, CA: “In the coming months, we will transition more use cases from Wi-Fi to Verizon’s 5G wireless infrastructure that we have deployed,” Artley said.

A new Industry 4.0 Experience Center convened by Deloitte and Verizon Business is now live with Verizon’s private 5G wireless network.

As an Industry 4.0 innovation hub, the 60,000-square-foot factory combines digital and physical to experience Industry 4.0 use cases. The factory focuses on IoT, cloud, computer vision, and cybersecurity-related manufacturing innovations. Currently, the company operates a live production line that produces STEM circuit kits donated to local schools to encourage STEM education.

As an intelligent building, the factory is carbon neutral. There are also experiential workshops for developing intelligent manufacturing technology in addition to the production line. The smart factory already involves 20 organizations, such as Wichita State University, Amazon Web Services, SAP, CheckPoint, Siemens, HPE and Verizon.

Among the uses of Verizon’s 5G private network in factories are predictive maintenance analytics to find and eliminate root causes of downtime, improve quality assurance by detecting potential defects in manufactured products, improve customer experience and reduce waste, automate material handling through traffic management systems, and increase workplace safety by reducing human error and manual labor.

A private wireless network has been fully implemented and is operational at Verizon Business, making it immediately available to all Wichita Smart Factory partners. As part of the Verizon 5G network, Ericsson (LTE) and Corning (LTE) radios are used, which use licensed spectrum from Verizon.

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