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Want To Earn Some Money Online? These Are Websites That Help You Do It!

Earning some extra money through the internet is always scary. There are a lot of sites out there that offer to pay you for simple things that turn out to be scams or sites that will buy things from you and refuse to actually pay once the item is delivered.

However, not all of these sites are scams. Some of them can actually be surprisingly good at what they claim to do.

Survey Sites

Survey sites sometimes offer money – or, at least, gift cards – for people answering quizzes for all kinds of research purposes. While it does not always pay well, it is not a bad way to earn some extra money on the side, especially if you are looking for an easy way to kill some time while getting paid.

Remember that some survey sites are very professional – they take actual scientific quiz results and expect a lot of care in your answers. Some are a lot simpler, but they might not pay as well, so you need to decide what kind of experience you are more comfortable with.

User Testing Sites

There is a range of sites out there that pay you to test out website features, giving you a 15-20 minute period where you need to complete certain tasks while recording your screen and voice.

These can be quite a fun experience for people who want to be paid for something more active and stimulating and can be a good way to burn more time than just answering a survey. The pay usually is not bad, either, since your work is genuinely useful to the site owners.

Video Ad Sites

Some sites will literally pay you just to watch videos. These are not all that common compared to sites that pay you for a range of activities, but they are not bad for people who just want to occupy their time while they relax after work.

Unfortunately, some video sites are quite bland, especially if they just force you to watch the same ads over and over again. Some people eventually get burnt out from the repetition.

Multi-Activity Sites

There are also some sites that roll a lot of paying activities into one place. This could be playing games, completing certain offers, taking part in contests, or even just visiting certain sites and doing certain things on their webpages.

A good example of this is Swagbucks, a popular choice for this kind of site. 

The variety makes it a great place to earn some money if you want to do more than just the same actions over and over again, and the Swagbuck currency system means that you do not need to worry about getting obsessed with the exact amount you are earning for each activity.

You can learn if Swagbucks is safe or a scam here. As one of the biggest platforms of this type on the internet, it is easy to see why so many people have turned to it over other options that only ask them to do one thing over and over again.

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