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Washington City Railroad Quiet Area Survey | KCI Radio

Washington City Railroad Quiet Area Survey | KCII Radio – The one you can count on

A merger between the Canadian Pacific and Kansas City Southern railroads is being considered, which will impact the city of Washington. The merger will increase the number of trains passing through Washington on a daily basis, from 4 to perhaps 22. Conducting a quiet zone study is the first step in reviewing the overall railway safety landscape. The city has approved the completion of a quiet zone study so that elected officials have accurate information to make an informed decision about whether or not to implement a quiet zone. As part of the quiet zone study, the consultant looked at each grade crossing and developed some scenarios for elected officials to consider. A scenario includes closing 3 intersections and adding improved gates to the open intersections. An important element to note, if the Municipality closes some crossings, they cannot be reopened without the closure of two others. If the city chooses not to implement a quiet zone, nothing will need to be done at the city’s railroad crossings, Canadian Pacific plans to make some upgrades to the rail line in 2023. The City of Washington wants to hear from you. Find the survey link to provide feedback on a potential quiet zone and closures with this story at KCIIradio.com.

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