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Weight Loss Tips Anyone Can Try

Losing weight is hard. Or so they say. But is it really? While there are some people who have medical conditions or medications that hinder weight loss, the vast majority of people should be able to lose weight by implementing some of these tips into their daily routine. 

The weight may come off slowly, you may only lose a couple of pounds a month, but any progress is progress and should be applauded. While there are countless online weight loss programs around, here are some weight loss tips that don’t require any fancy equipment and very little extra time.

Sleep More

Sleep is good for you. And whether you struggle to get a good night’s sleep because of stress, kids waking up, or something else, you need to prioritize getting those ZZZ’s. You’ll sleep better in a pitch-black room, so if there’s a lot of light outside, invest in some blackout curtains or day and night blinds. You’ll also sleep better if you put the technology away an hour before bed.

Drink More Water

If you’re not up and peeing every hour during the day because of the amount of water you drink, you’re probably not drinking enough. A 200-lb person should drink 100oz of water a day — and more, if they are doing strenuous activities. This is basically ½ your weight in ounces of water daily.

Don’t Drink Your Calories

If you’re drinking a protein shake that’s one thing, but drinking juice, soda, and other caloric beverages aren’t beneficial when you’re trying to lose weight. It’s easy to take in more calories than you think, and most beverages don’t have much in terms of nutritional value.

Get a Hobby

Unless your hobby is competition eating, getting a hobby has incredible benefits. How can a hobby help you lose weight? By reducing your stress. Yep. That’s right. Getting a hobby is a fantastic way to decrease stress. Less stress means you’ll be able to lose weight more easily.


While getting a hobby is one way to destress, there are also others. Some people enjoy listening to music. Others take hikes out in nature. Some people take bubble baths every night. Lowering your stress levels reduces your cortisol levels. Cortisol is a hormone that your body produces in response to stress. 

It causes all sorts of problems when you’re trying to lose weight because it actually stops your body from burning fat. Reducing stress levels opens up pathways that help you lose weight. 

Eat More Vegetables

All vegetables are good for you. But leafy greens especially are jam-packed with nutrients. They also fill your belly. Pair it with some grilled meat or fish and you have the perfect match. Non-starchy vegetables like peppers and onions are also delicious choices. 

Eat them raw or cooked in a stir-fry for an amazing and nutritious meal. When you prioritize eating vegetables at every meal, you’d be amazed at how it makes you feel and how it helps you reach your weight loss goals.

Enjoy More Protein

Most people don’t actually eat enough protein. While bodybuilders and athletes know the benefits of protein, many average people are afraid of eating too much. A farm-fresh egg or two in the morning, along with some grilled chicken at lunch, and a lean burger for dinner provides your body with the building blocks to create more muscle and nourish your cells. 

Animal products have vitamins that are hard to get elsewhere. Additionally, protein helps you feel full. And when you’re trying to lose weight, this is extremely important. No one wants to feel hungry all the time. Protein keeps you satiated.

Celebrate Every Pound Lost

It sounds a bit silly, but think of it this way: When you spend two weeks trying to lose and you step on a scale and it shows you lost 4 pounds, you can be excited or disappointed. When you celebrate the loss with something like, “Yeah, look at that! I lost 4 pounds! That’s amazing! I can do this!” your entire demeanor and attitude change. 

When you look at those same 4 pounds and think, “Ugh. I only lost 4 pounds. How did that happen? I’m failing at this again,” you’re more likely to quit and give in before you even start. Weight loss is about what you do, but it’s also about what you think. So think positively and celebrate those lost pounds.

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