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Welcome Baby MarJon to Tanganyika Wildlife Park

Earlier this month, Tanganyika Wildlife Park organized a baby shower. This wasn’t your typical one, though. It was for Monica, an Indian rhino, who was weeks away from giving birth.

This was a significant pregnancy because it was the first rhino born to an artificially conceived mother, and this is considered a significant milestone for rhino conservation efforts.

During the shower, guests were given a chance to guess the sex of the rhino.

Monica guessed it too.

@tanganyikawildlifepark Baby on the way!! #rhino #rhinoceros #indianrhino #endangeredspecies #babyanimals #babyrhino ♬ Au Revoir – Sweet after tears

Then Thursday night, February 16th at 9:20pm, little MarJon was born into the world.

MarJon came in at about 80-90 lbs and was nursing within hours of being born. MarJon is named after Mary and Jon Sendall who have long supported the park.

It is reported that both mom and baby MarJon are doing great. The first time her mother is already acting like a pro and bonding with her calf.

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