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WFISD School Board Approves Purchase of Eight New School Buses

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) — On February 20, the Wichita Falls ISD Board of Trustees approved eight new school buses, valued in excess of $1,000,000 in total.

The district managed its own expenses and said this was a necessity.

Associate Superintendent Dr Peter Griffiths said this was a proactive move because they are preparing for the additional bus routes they will have soon.

These additions are due to a number of changes, including the opening of Legacy and Memorial High Schools in Fall 2024.

There are also three outdated buses that need to be replaced. However, the district won’t actually pay for the buses until next year when they get them, which will allow them to prepare financially.

“It will be a million dollars that we will take from the balance of the fund, but it won’t be taken until we get the buses that will be in the next budget year,” Dr. Griffiths said. “That allows us to make changes for a year and make sure we have that million dollars.”

Griffiths said they will look to sell the three buses which have aged which will put the money back into the balance of the fund.

They expect to receive the buses in late August or early September of 2024. Griffiths said they could run into bus routing problems if they don’t receive them before the 2024 school year starts, but they’ll have an idea better than that to come this time next year.

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