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What Is the Most Effective Way to Take CBD? The Options to Consider

Did you know the CBD market is expected to grow to about $16 billion in 2026? According to a survey conducted by Gallup, the largest age group of CBD users are adults ages 18-34. 

55% of CBD users are women. While 14% of U.S. adults use CBD regularly, 33% have used a type of CBD sometime during their life. 

Are you interested in taking CBD? Learn the most effective way to take CBD by reading the guide below. 

You Can Take CBD in Tincture Form 

One of the most popular forms of taking CBD oil is in tincture form. Dropping the tincture below the tongue and leaving it for about a minute before swallowing allows it to reach your bloodstream directly. 

This is why CBD tincture is believed to be the best method of consumption. You’ll start feeling the effects almost immediately.

There are many different types of CBD oil you can try, like Etanicals. CBD tincture is also the easiest method to use. 

Edibles Are Popular, Too 

If you’re looking to learn how to take CBD in other forms you can also try edibles. CBD edibles usually come in gummy form and many different flavors so you’ll get your dose of CBD while eating candy. 

CBD edibles do have to pass through your digestive system before you feel any effect. This means that it might be a few hours before you start reaping any of the benefits of CBD edibles. 

Vaping Is Another Option 

Other CBD delivery methods include vaping. The good thing about vaping CBD is that you’ll have a variety of flavors to choose from as well. 

Vaping is like taking a tincture because it also reaches your bloodstream immediately after inhalation. If you prefer a quicker effect then this might be the most effective way to take CBD. 

Quick absorption and effect also mean that the effects aren’t as long-lasting. Consider this before choosing vaping as your preferred method. 

Topicals Target Specific Areas 

If you’re more interested in targeting specific areas for muscle or joint aches, the best way to take CBD is by using a topical product. Topicals like creams or lotions are made for application on the skin. 

These topicals can be used to target those problem areas and they won’t be absorbed into your bloodstream the way vaping and consuming tinctures do. 

Try CBD Capsules

Capsules are the most effective choice if you’re interested in taking CBD for general wellness. CBD capsules offer a clear dose without your need to calculate it on your own. 

CBD capsules also allow full absorption of the CBD, in the same way, taking a multivitamin does. 

The Most Effective Way to Take CBD Explained 

The most effective way to take CBD depends on your specific needs and preferences. For quick absorption, you should opt for tinctures or vaping. If flavor’s important to you, there are many delicious CBD edibles on the market. 

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