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What Is the Right Age to Learn Piano Online?

Children are naturally curious. When they find a particular object, they are likely to tinker around with it for a short while before moving on to something else. Hence, when your child seems intrigued by the piano, it is often challenging to know whether it is a passing fancy or something they would be interested in.

Apart from the numerous benefits of learning the piano, starting from an early age can help your child nurture their love for music. But what is the right age to begin taking online piano lessons?

Is It Too Early or Too Late?

When starting lessons of any kind, people often wonder whether it is too early or too late for them to take up a new challenge. However, when it comes to piano, there is no such thing! Whether you seem to have a young prodigy in your hands or have a teenager who has a keen interest to start learning a new instrument, it is always the right time to start.

When Should You Start Taking Online Piano Lessons?

Generally, a good age to start would be six years to 9 years. By the time your child is 6, they have enough dexterity to begin learning the piano, and since they have started kindergarten already, they are comfortable being around a teacher. As mentioned earlier, while it is never too early or too late to start taking piano lessons, younger students generally have more time to practice their lessons than older students. 

Making your kids begin early can be beneficial as their hands are flexible and agile at a young age, making it easier for them to master certain aspects of playing the piano. Of course, starting them off early also ensures that they have more years to practice and hone their skills.

While starting kids off early is surely beneficial, you should not be worried about them starting at an older age. As children grow older, their ability to focus will power and accomplish tasks increases. Hence, even with less flexibility, or less time to practice, they can exert themselves more to achieve their desired results.

How to Know If Your Child Is Ready for Piano Lessons?

If your child is between the ages of 6 and 9, but you are still unsure whether they are ready for online piano lessons? Individual indicators are crucial when it comes to starting lessons. Every child is different. Hence, what works for other children may not be accurate for your child. Keeping the following indicators in mind will help guide your child’s decision to start with their piano lessons.

The Size of their Hands

While it may seem arbitrary, the size of your child’s hands is a significant indicator of whether they will be able to start their piano lessons. Unless your child can place five fingers on five different keys simultaneously, it may be challenging for them to keep up with their lessons. Thus, before you start the piano lessons, ensure that your child feels comfortable placing their hands on a keyboard!

Finger Dexterity

While they do not need to have exceptional control of their fingers, they need to control them well enough. When you ask your child to lift different fingers of the hand individually, they should be able to do so with little difficulty. Finger dexterity is important, but it can also improve as your child continues to play the piano.

Attention Span

Naturally, younger kids may not have the best attention span. However, with a little dedication, this can improve. When thinking of starting your child with piano lessons, ensure that they can pay attention when completing tasks. They should be able to sit still for more than a few minutes, listen to instructions carefully, and have the interest to practice their lessons. Thus, they should be able to sustain their focus for long periods.


Apart from their attention span, you also need to focus on your child’s commitment to learning the piano. Are they interested in it or intrigued by the concept? Are they generally committed to their task, and will they wish to continue with their piano lessons? If your child has a strong passion for learning the piano and is committed to the goal, you can be assured that they are ready to start their piano lesson journey.

When asking yourself, “Should my child start piano lessons?” it is important to keep these indicators in mind. While starting early benefits your child, there is no harm in starting later as well. As long as your kid is interested in the piano and is willing to put in the hard work it takes to master this skill; they can begin their lessons at any time.

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