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What made the news the third week of February in South Bend in history

What was news in our area during this week in years past? The History Museum offers these newspaper excerpts to give you an idea.

February 19, 1903: “Last night four men were seen placing a long gas pipe against the trolley car and then onto the South Michigan Street track near the line’s southern terminus. The result was the interruption of the electrical circuit and the blockage of traffic for about 15 minutes. After placing the pipe, two of the men ran in one direction and two in another. The men were unaware that several pairs of eyes not far away were watching the whole proceeding. – The South Bend grandstand

February 20, 1917: “Twenty new Hudson automobiles left town early this morning bound for Joliet, Illinois. The cars were taken to the dealership in that city and were shipped overland due to an inability to source boxcars at the Detroit factory. The cars were housed last night at the Superior Motor Sales company headquarters on West Monroe Street, where the Hudson is for sale. – The South Bend grandstand

February 21, 1926: “Although police did find a quantity of intoxicating liquor, including 10 gallons of wine, three gallons of moonshine, two bottles of Canadian whiskey, three cases of Canadian beer and a half barrel of draft beer, in a raid on the 8 last night, no arrests were made because evidence was not found on the property specified in the search warrant.” – The South Bend Grandstand

February 22, 1935: “Henri Perrot, recognized as the father of automobile brakes and an official in a French branch of the Bendix Aviation company, is expected to arrive in South Bend early next week.” – The South Bend grandstand

February 23, 1948: “Baseball will return to Lippincott Park for the first time in two years this summer. The Ewing Avenue plant will be home to a team representing local No. 5 Studebaker, UAW-CIO, which was accepted as a member of the recently expanded Michigan-Indiana-Wisconsin league on Sunday. – The South Bend Grandstand

February 24, 1959: “The University of Notre Dame will receive an 18th-century painting, a gift from Austrian Chancellor Julius Raab, at a ceremony here Friday. Dr. Wilfried Platzer, Austrian Ambassador to the United States, will deliver the presentation to the Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, CSC, University Chancellor, at 11 am in Hesburgh’s office. – The South Bend Grandstand

February 25, 1963: “On display at the St. Joseph County Airport in Barger Box & Printing Corp., the showcase is a colorful folding carton and prepackaged box packaging program for H.&A. Selmer, Inc., of Elkhart. Selmer is a leading manufacturer of musical instruments and accessories with manufacturing facilities in this country and in Paris, France. Selmer recently announced the purchase of Buescher Band Instrument Co., also from Elkhart.” – The South Bend grandstand

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