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Whatever you do, don’t retire in Washington State. It’s one of the worst


Washington state has a lot going for itself. The mountains, the forests, the coast, the rivers, the hikes – it’s all part of the luxury living in the great Pacific Northwest. And, yet, we love it here for all of these things and more, it still turns out Washington is ranked among the worst states to retire to. Seriously ?!

According to this list when affordability, quality of life and health care are taken into account, Washington ranks eighth compared to other states. I mean, sure, we’re not as bad as Kentucky which came in last place and some other states like New York and New Jersey, I would have thought Washington state would have been much higher up the list.

When you think of retirement, you probably think of Florida when you hear about so many people who go there to live out the rest of their days. According to this list, Florida comes in 2nd place only after Virginia. I’m not sure what Virginia has in store for this that Washington hasn’t, but here we are.

In case you’re curious about our neighboring states, Oregon finished in 38th place (not great), Idaho is doing very well in 9th place, and California is in 18th place. I would have thought the California would have been higher, but maybe it’s that affordability that puts it where it is.

WalletHub has all the details.

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