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Who is Harry Higgs’ girlfriend?

American golfer Harry Higgs is still looking for his first PGA Tour win, but when the popular pro breaks his duck, you can be sure his girlfriend Kailee Kuehn will be nearby ready to celebrate with him.

That’s because she’s his number one fan – and they have a long history. Last year, when Higgs made his Augusta National debut, he invited about 50 family and friends, including, of course, Kuehn. Whether or not he only had 12 tickets, the fun-loving Higgs would always find a way to take care of his entourage of him. So, in addition to his rented house, he has secured an even bigger apartment for his girlfriend and her family.

Higgs’ childhood home was on a golf course in Overland Park, Kansas. According to an interview with the PGA Tour, he grew up playing for the Kuehns, who lived nearby.

“We’ve known each other forever and decided to start dating,” Higgs said of Kailee in last year’s interview. “We see each other often on the road; she doesn’t live here in Dallas yet, but it’s nice to have someone who understands what I’m doing and how much work there is to put in.”

“There’s a misconception about Harry,” said Kuehn, who played at the University of Missouri in Kansas City. “People think he goes home to have a beer and watch sports all night. He’s not even a big beer drinker.”

Kuehn’s Instagram account is private, but Higgs shared a few photos of them together on and off the golf course. One of his latest posts shows them together on a golf course, wishing Kuehn a happy 30th birthday.

Backtracking, he posted a photo wishing her a happy Valentine’s Day. Clearly Higgs is a great romantic.

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