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Who wants a pre-made diner for the low price of free? There is one in Douglass, KS

There is a website called Cheap old houses and they scour new real estate listings every day, coast to coast, looking for older homes and affordable buildings for sale for under $120,000. Then they hand-pick the hottest ones of the bunch and share them with you.

One of the latest listings is located in Douglass, KS and comes at the low price of FREE!

In the description on their Facebook page, they said:

Douglass, KS – FREE when moved! “A portable 1930s metal castle-shaped restaurant that used to house a Wichita burger stand in East Douglas years ago, but has been tucked away on a rural property in Butler County for decades, could find new life if moved .

This building was constructed by Ablah Hotel Supply between 1934 and 1935. Ablah was based in Wichita, KS; they built these prefab diners in the late 1920s to mid 1930s. With the help of some historical diner experts, it has been determined that the building was most likely the former Little Palace Lunch No. 1 of 3037 E. Douglas or Continental Grill No. 2 of 3012 E. Douglas. This is the only surviving castle-shaped restaurant of Ablah Hotel Supply and is in extraordinary condition. It is an important building both from an American architectural and road point of view.

Its riveted steel frame and approximately 20′ x 20′ — the building was originally moved to its current location using a crane; it would take significant logistics and money to move off the property. If you are interested in acquiring, moving and restoring this building, please contact Ada at [email protected]

This can literally be yours for free if you can move it.

After that, add some elbow grease, a cheap contractor, find a small patch of land to place it, and you could have the coolest little restaurant in town. Maybe you could revive Moe’s side shop, have a restaurant called Doc’s Steakhouse Garlic Salad to Go, bring back The Cedar and their chicken enchiladas, the ideas are endless.

Click below to see the images.

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