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Why Does A Business Need A Mobile App?

The era of digitalization offers businesses different options for communicating with the target audience – websites, applications on the phone, social networks, and marketplaces. Companies that want to work efficiently, be in the view of customers, and remain useful to them should pay attention to mobile applications.

People spend about 3 hours daily on their smartphones – scrolling their social media feeds, checking the news, playing games, chatting in instant messengers, or watching YouTube. 4.32 billion people used the mobile Internet in 2021 – 90% of the world’s population interact directly with mobile applications. Sometimes it is pointless, for example, if now there is no need to buy something, but you want to spend money to please yourself.

What does a mobile application give a business?

  • A mobile application is a way to stand out from the competition. Traditional ways do not allow you to communicate so often and productively with potential customers, and the application reminds you of itself regularly.
  • Mobile applications make it possible to create various bonus programs that increase brand loyalty. Creating an e-card is faster, more environmentally friendly, and impossible to lose.
  • It is easier to notify the target audience that uses the application on the phone about important events and company news.
  • People using the app will be the first to know about the latest promotions and sales. 

What tools increase user engagement

Creating an application is the work of developers, managers, testers, analysts, and designers, and its content and strategy is the task of marketers. Since the application itself does not increase sales and does not bring in new customers, it should include analysis, promotion, and engagement tools.

The main functionality that will be useful for any mobile application is the following.

Loyalty program

The system of discounts and bonuses is helpful for e-commerce applications and any business that sells a service or product. The programs are aimed at retaining regular customers and re-applying those who work with the company for the first time.

Intuitive interface and thoughtful design

The interface of the mobile application is responsible for ease of use. Thoughtful UI/UX design, which is based on the features of the user path, allows you to quickly and easily reach the target action, which means it solves business problems more efficiently. The interface should be intuitive, and the user’s task should be solved in a minimum number of clicks.


In the digital world, it is important not only to solve the client’s problem but also to make it interesting. This is possible by simulating the game in the application: creating a character, completing tasks, and accruing virtual bonuses that are converted into real discounts. Game mechanics are more fun, thanks to which the user returns to the application more often.

Push notifications

Pop-up notifications are one of the communication channels with the client. They allow you to talk about important things even before opening the application, they broadcast the tone of voice of the company. It is important not to overdo it with the number of notifications, choose the right time for notifications and write a working text that will make you want to know the details.


Everything is simple here – if you run one application across multiple platforms, you will attract more potential users.

What can replace a mobile application

By itself, neither the client nor the business needs a mobile application. Both parties are interested in the benefits that it brings: discounts and alerts for customers or convenient analytics and direct communication with the target audience for the company.

Knowing exactly your audience, a business can achieve similar results in other ways. Some options are easier to implement, cheaper, and do not require constant technical support.

  • The website for the desktop version can be adapted to the smartphone. It will adapt to the resolution of the mobile device, and all information will be saved on it.
  • You can assemble an application through a special constructor – a ready-made solution in which you can assemble an application from ready-made blocks. The cost of maintaining such an application is less, so it is suitable for startups, small businesses, or individual entrepreneurs.
  • The company can enter a third-party marketplace with the product. Such promotion will increase the number of online sales, but the dependence on the site will increase.

What is the result

You can quickly and efficiently promote goods and services on the Internet using a mobile application. They are suitable for both experienced companies and start-ups as they increase brand awareness and bring back users. The functionality of the application should take into account the needs of the target audience, solve the problems of businesses and customers, and be convenient and understandable in use.

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