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Wichita Falls Police has tips for winter driving


WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) – During winter weather, staying off the roads is advised, but for some, staying home isn’t always an option.

Wichita Falls Police Sergeant. Charlie Eipper gave some tips on how to drive safely in conditions like these.

The sergeant. Eipper, said if you don’t have to drive, then don’t.

He said if you get into a skid, don’t hit the brakes. If your vehicle doesn’t have anti-lock brakes, pump the brakes and, if you have them, hold the brake pedal. Don’t panic if they vibrate, keep your foot on the brake.

“If you’re going to drive, try to plan ahead, try changing your route to avoid bridges or bridges, because there’s fresh air underneath that causes those bridges to get colder than normal surface roads “So the ice grows there faster.” Sgt. Eipper said.

He said to find an alternate route that avoids driving over a bridge or overpass, which would be safer.

The sergeant. Eipper also added, to make sure you have enough time to warm up your car and to get all the ice off the windows. If you think you need snow tires, don’t run out and buy a set. He said they aren’t even needed for the few days we have this winter weather.

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