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Wichita State to get three new restaurants, one business

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Braeburn Square on the Wichita State University (WSU) Innovation Campus, near the corner of 21st Street and Oliver Street, will be home to three new restaurants and a commercial operation.

In addition to Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, Metritrust Credit Union, Shocker Store, Social Tap Drinkery, Starbucks and Sungrano Pizza, the mall will now also have Jersey Mike’s, Sesame Mediterranean Kitchen, Two Hands Corn Dogs and Pedego Wichita.

“We are thrilled to see the WSU Innovation Campus vision of ‘Live, Work, Learn, Play’ become a reality,” said Tonya Witherspoon, Wichita State vice president of industry engagement and applied learning. “Braeburn Square provides a place for the community to come together before and after campus events and enjoy the Shocker experience.”


Jersey Mike’s is a sub-store offering a variety of hot and cold sandwiches, as well as kids meals and catering services. This franchise location, which opens in May, is owned by Annette Hennes and will feature a patio and garage door. It’s a project that Hennes says aims to create a comfortable and welcoming space for students, according to Wichita State University.

“Jersey Mike told us, ‘Go find the perfect location,’ and we were really drawn to Braeburn Square,” Hennes told WSU. “There is so much potential. We like to be associated with the university, sports, students and the Innovation Campus.”

Mediterranean cuisine with sesame

Sesame Mediterranean Kitchen will serve up a range of Mediterranean flavors, from traditional Lebanese dishes to signature dishes that blend Middle Eastern cuisine with Italian and Greek recipes, WSU says. The restaurant will open on March 1st.

Sesame Mediterranean Kitchen also has a location in West Wichita and is owned by local restaurateur Youssef Youssef, a former WSU student.

“I feel like Wichita is my home,” Youssef told WSU. “When I thought of locations for Sesame, I immediately thought of WSU. Wichita State has many fond memories for me.

Two Handed Corn Dogs

According to WSU, Two Hands Corn Dogs describes its offerings as “a familiar vessel but a twist.” The familiar ship is a corndog, but it is different from the traditional corndogs found at county fairs.

Two Hands’ corndog options include spicy flavors, crispy coatings, potato dogs, and the classic American dog. In addition to the dogs, the restaurant will also serve signature drinks, kimchi chips and elote corn on the cob.

“Because WSU is the heart of all events and education, we want to provide a one-of-a-kind experience for all international and local consumers to share with each other,” Tony Phan, co-owner of Two’s Wichita office, told WSU. Hands.

Phan hopes to open the restaurant in late spring.

Pedego Wichita

Pedego Wichita, an electric bike retailer offering a variety of electric bikes, including cruisers, city-to-mountain bikes and fat tires, which is currently at Bradley Fair, will move to Braeburn Square in May.

WSU says the electric bikes can operate at speeds up to 20 miles per hour and don’t require special licenses or insurance, so they’re a good option for students who live on or near campus. In addition to selling new bikes, the shop will also offer used bikes and bike rentals.

Pedigo Wichita is locally owned by Russell and Jeanne Groves and Jim and Abby McClary.

“We are excited to join the rapidly growing WSU Innovation Campus community,” Russell Groves told WSU. “Pedego electric bikes are a beautiful, practical and fun way to get around. We will bring the excitement of electric bicycle riding to Wichita State University while welcoming our existing customer base from Wichita and throughout Kansas.”

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