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Will Buc-ee ever come to the Wichita Falls area?

QuikTrip opened a travel center in Wichita Falls on Thursday, which sparked questions on social media about if and when the area could get a Buc-ee’s, the wildly popular travel centers known for a million gas pumps, spotless restrooms, and lots of beaver-themed merchandise.

The Times Record News put the question to Jeff Nadalo, attorney and Buc-ee spokesman. His answer: “Where is Wichita Falls?”

After a brief explanation of our location in far north Texas, he replied that they have certain criteria when looking for a new place.

“We currently have no plans in that area,” Nadalo said. “We typically open our locations in destinations we’ve identified that families are likely to travel to.”

He said almost all of Buc-ee’s locations are between two major cities.

“The United States is a big place and right now we are focusing our efforts on other destinations,” he said.

Buc-ee’s is a Texas-based chain founded in 1982, with 44 stores in the Lone Star State and South. It has expanded, or plans to expand, into other states including Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Florida, South Carolina and Tennessee. In the coming months, he plans to host groundbreaking events in Colorado and Missouri.

On Tuesday, January 24, Buc-ee’s opened a new location in Hillsboro off State Highway 77.

Buc-ee’s will make its first foray into West Texas when it opens a $30 million lot near Amarillo in March, complete with 120 gas pumps. The store is expected to hire 150 workers at that location. The city has given the company incentives that include a 50 percent reduction on sales tax collection for 20 years.

For now, the Wichitans will have to take a road trip to get their Buc-ee fix. Closer locations include shopping in Denton and Fort Worth.

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