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World Of Warcraft: How A Cult Game Teaches Business

Multiplayer games make people better workers. As it became known, games develop passion and curiosity in them, which makes them more attractive candidates for vacancies in various fields. World of Warcraft has earned its creators more than $1 billion in income since its release in 2004. This is a tremendously fascinating video game that tempts gamers to play for countless hours. You must consider them as unique social lives in order to comprehend video games like World of Warcraft. In World of Warcraft, players must choose a certain class or role, for example a hunter, warrior, or wizard. Each class has unique advantages and disadvantages and calls for a particular playing style. In this post, we’ve compiled the traits that gamers frequently acquire through playing the MMORPG World of Warcraft and find it to be helpful in business. 

Realize your role

In business, effective leaders hone their skills and assemble a team of players to play varied responsibilities. For instance, while seeking out new clients, sales and marketing leaders must be able to rely on one another. An entrepreneur may play numerous responsibilities in a small company, yet they may still delegate some tasks to a different person. Every corporate employee ought to have distinct, well-defined duties and responsibilities. The team can then do amazing things as it grows strong and well-liked.

Allocate your resources wisely

Players in World of Warcraft are rewarded with a variety of uncommon skills, spells, and artifacts that they can employ in the future. Additionally, small business owners must consider what to do with newly obtained resources, such as money or new space. When you’re a pro gamer, you need to be smart about combat, knowing where to focus your resources even when you’re not buying gold World of Warcraft. The process of starting and expanding your business is remarkably similar to this. You need to consider how to effectively manage your numerous resources. Determine which possibilities to put off or perhaps pass up for the time being in order to make the most efficient use of your resources. Decide for yourself what your organization’s major objective is, he advises. Saying “no” to anything that is not directly related to this major topic after that becomes much simpler. MMORPGs have gained such popularity because people love to accumulate their achievements. In such games there is the same cumulative element as in life: the society that you develop around you, reputation, achievements.

Act quickly

Modern video games require players to absorb large amounts of information and make split-second decisions or lose, die. World of Warcraft players often assign macros and hotkeys to keyboard, mouse, or screen icons to be able to immediately respond to in-game events. An entrepreneur starting a new business also needs to be very efficient and productive if they want their business to grow and develop. In other words, they can’t afford to spend hours scrolling through their Twitter feed after being distracted by a random notification.

Become a leader

Raids and organizing guild activities in World of Warcraft are not just self-organized groups. Usually every well-organized group has its own constitution. Guild leaders must constantly discuss problems and make decisions. It is important not just to build a guild, a company, but some community of people who are not indifferent and interesting to you, whom you respect, who together can achieve something more. In the game you don’t have direct levers of pressure on your team, guild. You don’t pay them a salary to listen to you. You have to be extremely eloquent and persuasive, be the person they want to follow, or you will fail.

The ability to understand people, their desires is extremely important. This is especially true for hired top management. For this category of people, it is necessary to build a motivation program so that there is an absolutely clear desire on their part to drive business from above. Because if they are sitting on a regular salary, and they do not have much motivation to develop and develop a business, there is a chance that they will not grow into the right top leaders.

The most difficult thing in business is learning how to delegate correctly. It is very difficult to rid yourself of some kind of perfectionism when you realize that you could have done some task better. The main thing is to realize that if you concentrate on each and devote too much time to it, then neither the top manager nor the business will grow. It’s better to give him the opportunity to make a few mistakes, but next time your help will not be needed. Playing World of Warcraft and creating a guild contributes to the development of this skill.

More fun together

There are several scenarios in World of Warcraft: you can play alone, you can become part of a team, you can go on a raid with your guild. We are interested in the last option – gathering your own team to complete a specific mission. No small part of the fun in World of Warcraft is finding like-minded people, joining guilds, and participating in raids and competitions together. In business, to achieve different goals, different competencies are required, and therefore, employees. The game is the same: depending on the goal (the “boss” you need to defeat), you need different skills. From them you will build off, forming a guild. One head it’s good, but two is better.

By asking for and giving help, you end up creating a kind of group whose members work together to help each other. It is impossible – both in the game and in life – to assemble a team according to the principle “they are my friends”, “they are beautiful”, and so on. So you are unlikely to achieve anything. And in the game, unlike real life, this understanding comes much faster. When you have real business partners and you don’t have to do everything alone, this is the right way to grow your business.

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