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WPD’s Traffic Tip Tuesday goes viral in an effort to reduce the number of accidents in Wichita

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) — The Wichita Police Department is going viral with its “Traffic Tip Tuesday” posts. The goal is to reduce the number of crashes in the community.

The sergeant. Brian Mock enjoys educating drivers about traffic laws. In addition to teaching at the Wichita Citizens Police Academy, he shares information about common traffic violations on the police department’s social media pages each week.

“It’s really to educate people. And here’s a few things you might not have thought about in the past, how many years you’ve been driving,” said the sergeant. Mock.

For nearly 25 years, Sgt. Mock served the Wichita Police Department. Fifteen of those years were spent on traffic investigations. He said the purpose of traffic enforcement is not to issue tickets but to reduce behavior that is causing crashes, especially in crash-prone areas like the Kellogg on- and off-ramps.

“The causes of high-level injury accidents are caused by excessive speed, intersection violations, failure to give way or failure to observe the signal. And then distracted driving, which means anything that really distracts you from the road, ”said the sergeant. Mocking.

Its goal is simply to inform and educate.

“If you’re using common courtesy on the road and you’re not trying to push the envelope and you’re not trying to do the dangerous activities, then you’re probably staying within those hundreds of traffic laws. So, driving defensively and driving politely is really the overarching theme of the whole thing,” said Sgt. Monaco.

While the police department’s posts are meant for Wichita drivers, they’re reaching farther afield through social media.

“It’s good to spread the word because these are common things. So, it’s good to get Wichita on the map, I guess and educate other people and not just our people,” said Sgt. Monaco.

In 2022, data from the Wichita Police showed there were 390 DUI arrests with the highest blood alcohol content of .426. Top speed was recorded at 134 mph.

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