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Zarif Haque on how to provide smart solutions for customers

OVERLAND PARK, KS / ACCESSWIRE / February 17, 2023 / Today it seems like every company wants to innovate, disrupt or change the way an entire industry operates just to claim to be “innovative”. But smart innovation starts with solving a problem, addressing a challenge or problem, and delivering a service or product that actually helps consumers and improves business operations.

CEO Zarif Haque knows this from experience. While he previously owned and operated luxury car dealerships and rental car companies, he began to notice common friction points in the company’s operations. After years of industry intelligence gathering, he founded Draiver, a leader in vehicle delivery technology. Through a true understanding of the pain points of the industry and a desire to actually help customers, Haque built a successful company that has moved 1 million cars since it was founded in 2013 and now counts Ford and Penske among its current clientele.

“When we launched, my goal was to provide an end-to-end solution to vehicle delivery challenges,” said Haque. “I think that’s what has made, and continues to make, the company so successful: a singular focus on improving the industry and supporting customers with smarter solutions.”

Efficient service

One of the most important problems that companies want to solve is how to provide faster solutions to their customers, whether it is the delivery of an item or a response to product problems, they want quick solutions and resolution.

Draiver uses the best AI technology which enables the company to deliver vehicles faster and provides the visibility of every vehicle transport in one dashboard. Using Draiver, customers are able to get their vehicles when they need them and faster than traditional vehicle delivery methods. The on-demand platform combined with a marketplace of insured drivers makes it easy to support customers’ changing transportation needs.

“Our decision makers are looking for operational efficiency, an opportunity to streamline their processes and systems, and increase productivity,” Haque said. “This is something any type of company should consider when developing new systems.”

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Transparency and Visibility

A growing challenge in any industry is providing customers with visibility into the delivery they are receiving. Draiver has created a system of AI technology that makes every movement traceable to provide the customer with industry-leading visibility when their vehicle is on the road. This increased visibility from the AI ​​tracking system, coupled with the extensive verification process for independent contractors and 100% assured delivery, gives Draiver customers added peace of mind.

“Knowing where a vehicle is or the status of a transportation plan in real time is critical to providing transparency to your customers,” Haque said. “Not only does it provide the visibility they need to ensure their operations are running smoothly, but it also gives customers a better experience and increases their chances of doing business in the future.”

Listening to customers

Regardless of industry, all customers want to feel heard: 83% are more loyal to brands who respond and resolve their complaints.

“I built this company on empathy, compassion and trust,” Haque said. “Our system offers flexibility to our clients when they have to make urgent and often costly decisions. Our real goal is to act as a co-pilot. We want to give them the best advice and our best advice to achieve their goals.”

Draiver offers an end-to-end service for many customers but can also provide the flexibility of elements to integrate into an existing system. Draiver’s customers value customization, so they’ve created innovative technology that works seamlessly as a standalone system or integrates into an existing process. These features give customers more flexibility and autonomy over the Draiver services they use.

Draiver saves you time and money by reducing broker challenges and constant ETA changes. Customers have no liability, saving them on insurance and costly accidents, as all Draiver trips are 100% insured with platform drivers. And the visibility built into the system ensures on-time delivery for customers, reducing maintenance costs.

“We remain focused on smart solutions for our customers,” said Haque. “The best way to innovate is to continuously focus on what will make the customer’s job easier.”

About Draivers

Draiver is a leading vehicle delivery company offering the best AI logistics software with a vetted and insured driver market. Draiver currently operates in four countries in North America and Latin America. Clients include global fleet and rental companies, OEMs, large automotive groups and single-site businesses. (www.draiver.com)


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