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Zenitel Announces Two New Manufacturer Representative Partnerships |

KANSAS CITY, Mo.—Zenitel, a provider of intelligent solutions for critical communications, announced its new partnerships with two manufacturer representatives.

TaylorLong & Associates, Inc. will represent Zenitel’s entire line of intelligent critical communications solutions in Alaska, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Washington and Wyoming, while Omni-Tech Solution Services Limited will represent Zenitel’s solutions in Canada Western and in Ontario.

“We want to partner with only the best, and TaylorLong and Omni-Tech are the best representatives of the manufacturers in the Northwest regions,” said Bruce Czerwinski, vice president of sales for Zenitel Americas. “We are thrilled to have found two new partners we can rely on to support our existing customers and to educate new customers about our intelligent critical communications solutions that keep people safe by enabling everyone to hear, be heard and be including, whenever time and wherever”.

For more than 25 years, TaylorLong & Associates has used its relationships to promote the products it represents in the Northwest United States. The TaylorLong team helps create solutions to increase efficiency, safety and security while protecting the assets, people and property of organizations that invest in technologies. The company is proud of the opportunity to enter the Northwestern US market with Zenitel’s product offering.

“We are thrilled to represent Zenitel in the Northwest,” said Matthew Doumitt, president of TaylorLong & Associates. “Zenitel offers a robust product that goes far beyond traditional security and emergency communications, and this gives us the opportunity to position a wide variety of solutions. We are proud to partner with Zenitel in the Northwest region and look forward to increasing their regional sales position.”

Omni-Tech Solution Services is a manufacturer representative company across Canada that focuses on the best security, safety and AV products. The company unlocks business value for its customers and partners through best-in-class products, people and processes.

“We are thrilled to partner with Zenitel to bring their innovative and reliable communications solutions to our partners and customers in Western and Central Canada,” said Jason Booij, director and CEO of Omni-Tech. “Zenitel is a globally recognized brand and is known for its high quality products and exceptional customer service. This partnership is an excellent opportunity to continue to offer our customers best-in-class critical communication solutions, products and services.”

For more information on Omni-Tech Solution Services, visit email [email protected] or call 1-604-618-3358. For more information about Taylor Long & Associates, visit www.taylorlong.com, email [email protected] or call 1-503-310-0066.

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