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5 details you definitely missed in episode 6 of The Last Of Us

This week’s installment of The Last Of Us has finally paid off for Ellie and Joel’s journey as the pair find Tommy. Along with this reunion comes a slew of revelations for everyone involved in this chapter, and tons of awesome details for viewers to pay attention to. Let’s take a look at the best Easter eggs from The Last Of Us episode 6 and what they really mean for the hit HBO series.

5 The Last Of Us episode 6 easter eggs

5. Ellie trying to whistle

As the two are traveling on foot to Tommy’s location, Joel hears a strange sound behind him. Turns out it was Ellie with a couple of fingers in her mouth that she was trying to boo. In response, Joel asks if he knows how to create that specific sound, a question to which Ellie says she’s trying to learn.

In the video game Naughty Dog, the same scene takes place almost verbatim. The difference here is that instead of outdoors, this interaction takes place inside an abandoned building between the two at a different point in The Last Of Us’ overall story.

4. The Jackson Community

After what seemed like an eternity, Joel is finally reunited with Tommy as he and Ellie travel to Jackson, Wyoming. Compared to the quarantine zones of Boston and Kansas City, this community is more pro-life and is better at self-reliance than the places mentioned. And when it comes to security, the council that runs this city manages to keep both infected and human forces out by being positioned in the middle of nowhere, as well as having a fortified perimeter similar to the video game version around it.

Inside, it has been revealed that there are around 300 people within the community, which can be seen as a larger population than the game’s population of 20 households. Tommy works as a contractor, mirroring the life he led before the outbreak. His wife, Maria, is a former lawyer and sits on the board that runs Jackson. While the brothers talk, she tends to Ellie and gives her a haircut and a familiar pink, white and purple jacket that the girl wore in the game.

Joel’s conversation with Tommy ends with him asking his brother to take Ellie to the fireflies as he is too old to protect her in the open. Even with a baby on the way, Tommy agrees after learning Ellie is immune and can help create a cure. This deal leads to another tense confrontation that has been switched from the video game to this hit HBO series.

3. Dina

Once the siblings are reunited in episode 6 of The Last Of Us, Tommy and Maria give Joel and Ellie their first real meal in months. As the four talk, a girl stares at Ellie from afar, causing her to yell annoyingly at her. Maria explains that there aren’t many girls her age in Jackson, which increases her interest in the newcomer.

While the girl is not introduced to viewers, her physical attributes and bond with Ellie lead her to be Dina in some way. In The Last Of Us 2, the sequel to the first video game, Dina is Ellie’s love interest. While there is still no word on Dina’s appearance in the upcoming season, this is a good way to introduce her character to everyone and lay the groundwork for her relationship with Ellie.

2. Joel and Ellile Argument

As mentioned above, Tommy agreed to take Ellie to the fireflies after his conversation with Joel. Unbeknownst to her, Ellie listened the entire time as her brothers talked about what to do with her. This leads to a tense discussion between Joel and Ellie as she the latter mentions Sarah. Joel then says he’s not his father before storming into the other room. Even with that development, Joel relented the following day and took Ellie himself instead of his brother.

In the video game, Ellie learns that Tommy will get her instead of Joel which causes her to steal a horse and run away from Jackson. This leads her to an abandoned house where Joel finds her in a similar scene that took place during their argument in episode 6.

1. Joel’s injury at the end of episode 6 of The Last Of Us

The last episode ended with Joel and Ellie learning that the Firefly base they’ve been looking for all along has moved. And instead of Fireflies, they found several men who attacked the couple before they could leave. One of them even fatally wounds Joel in the stomach, causing him to pass out as Ellie begs for her friend to live.

In the video game Naughty Dog, Joel falls off a ledge and finds a piece of metal piercing his stomach. And although the means are different, the ending will still lead to the next part. Whether or not the HBO series will take a cue from the video game in upcoming episodes remains to be seen. Either way, it’s best to stay tuned for The Last Of Us as it begins to race towards the conclusion of the first season.

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