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5 Reasons You Need Better Towels at Home

You probably never thought you’d read a 620-word article about towels, but here we are. There’s still time to back out if you want, but doing so would mean denying yourself the advantage of uncovering what quality towels can bring to your life.

Now, assuming you didn’t jump ship in search of celebrity gossip or the latest social media updates, you might be thinking, “A towel is just a towel.” If so, you’d be wrong.

Luckily, you decided to keep reading, which means you get to learn why the right towel makes all the difference. Here are five ways you’d benefit from better towels at home:


Everyone knows one of the first moves out of the shower is drying your hair with a towel. However, a rough and unabsorbent towel can wreak havoc on wet hair. The friction from the drying process leaves you with a dry scalp, frizzy strands, and split ends. Consider upgrading to a microfiber towel set instead of going with the discount store standbys in your hallway closet. These types of towels reduce damaging friction by absorbing more moisture without extending the drying time.


Like hair, skin is prone to damage during the post-shower drying process. Towels lacking lush fibers require more friction to successfully remove moisture from the skin, increasing the chances of inflammation, rash, and other undesirable skin conditions. To keep this from happening to you and your loved ones, invest in a set of bath towels with better absorbency. Doing so will not only keep your skin looking great but help cut down on the need for lotions and creams to stave off dryness. 


Picture yourself scrubbing the stovetop or bathroom sink with an old t-shirt. Sure, it’s better than only using your hands, but it’s not ideal. That’s basically what you’re using when you settle for cheap kitchen washcloths. That said, scrubbing hard surfaces is one of the few times where a rough and tough towel is preferable to something soft. Consider relegating your old towels to kitchen duty once you’ve upgraded to a better set for bathing.


Think back on the last time you or your child spilled a glass of chocolate milk, coffee, or fruit punch across the kitchen table and floor. Would you prefer to mop it up with a thin and unabsorbent piece of cloth? Chances are you grabbed a massive pile of paper towels to clean it up. Too bad the price of paper towels means they might as well be dollar bills. Depending on the brand, using paper money might be an improvement! You’re much better off investing in a set of ultra-absorbent microfiber cleaning cloths for the kitchen.


While you might not have a backyard pool, chances are you’re close to a swimming hole of some kind. Whether you’re lucky enough to live near the beach or forced to settle for a crowded public pool, you’re bringing your towels from home. While you might think your ordinary bath towels are up to the task, they’re probably ill-suited for the chlorine, saltwater, and amount of drying needed when going for a swim. It’s a better idea to buy a set of beach towels. These towels tend to be bigger and thinner than ordinary bath towels. This allows for full-body drying and quick dry time when laying in the sun, both of which are ideal for swimming.

Towels are one of those home goods items we tend to overlook. That’s a shame, considering how much we depend on towels to keep us clean and dry. While any towel is better than none, ultra-absorbent microfiber towels for bathing and durable cloths for cleaning are the best options available.

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