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7 Career Mistakes That Could Be Affecting Your Progress

We all make mistakes especially at the early stages of your career. Some mistakes are harmless while others can wreck your progress and leave a lasting impact on your reputation. 

Then, there are some career choices with a silver lining. For example, you subscribe to a mediocre cable plan and then you come across Spectrum TV cable tiers. Not only their service is good but also in case of connectivity issue the team of Spectrum TV customer service can quickly assist yoy. In a situation like this, you learn and make amends. You can switch to a better option very easily. But if a mistake becomes a habit, that’s problematic. 

Let’s have a look at these career mistakes and learn why you must absolutely avoid them.

1: Having No Career Goals

Are you one of those peeps who have a job but no career vision for your career? This is a problematic approach.

Without a bigger picture of where you are headed in your career, you are moving forward without a direction. You could be great at meeting company goals but personally, you are directionless. If this is you, take a step back and take a broader view of your skills. Identify your talent and develop a clear career strategy. 

2: Switching From One Job to Another  

If you are constantly jumping from one job to another or one role to another without a reason or a rhyme, you are hurting your career. 

I hear you, the job market has changed. People are changing jobs every 3 to 5 years, which is fine. But if you continue to start over without any sense or without thinking through the long-term consequences, stop! Growth is not just about finding new opportunities and grabbing them. It’s also about finding the right opportunities. 

3: Limiting Your Network 

Networking is imperative more than ever. Often, we end up giving up on the building and expanding our network despite knowing its benefits. 

Many people believe that growing their professional network no longer matters once they have secured their dream job. Well, regardless of how satisfied you are with your job, never cut ties with networking. 

The truth is, some of the most crucial professional connections you will need throughout your career are with the individuals outside your company. So you can’t ever give up on networking. This connection is inviable. Therefore, you should start investing in building relationships inside and outside work. 

4: Burning Bridges 

Since we are living in a highly interconnected world, reputation means everything. Let’s say things aren’t going well in your current job and you are thinking it’s time to move on. In that case, make sure you leave professionally. Don’t create a scene. Most of all, manage your emotions. 

Walking away prematurely is always an option. You can even lash out but the things you do or say now, you might regret later. There is a good chance you will run into the same people sooner or later in your career. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to keep your departure professional.

5: Not Brushing Up Your Skills

In order to advance in your career and attract potential employees, you have got to stay current. It is easy to let skill development take a back seat especially if your employer doesn’t stress upon it.  

The lesson here is to create your own growth opportunities. Let your hiring managers know that you are committed to skill development. Don’t just rely on your company to offer on-site training. Do some leg work on your own as well. Research for certifications available within your industry. Keep on learning. The idea is to not let your brain get rusted. Do check in with your boss before enrolling for something. You never know they are willing to cover the cost.

 6: Failing to Seek a Mentor 

Okay, this is another thing many of us are lazy at. 

Your supervisor could be a mentor, but it shouldn’t stop you from making connections with others who work in fields similar to yours. Mentors can take on a number of responsibilities, including making critical introductions and offering support. They are essential for both personal and professional growth. 

7: Not Negotiating Your Salary 

Did you know that one 5th of the workers don’t negotiate their salaries at all? Don’t be afraid to ask. Many potential employees don’ negotiate because of the fear of rejection or they don’t want to look aggressive. You might regret that later! 

Always explore authority websites like PayScale or Salary Expert to get an idea of what you should be earning from a role. Once you are confident about the industry pay scale, at least you will get a fair salary.


Remember that everyone makes mistakes. What really matters is how you handle them. Make amends as soon as you can and don’t carry the weight of the past. 

One last thing – you have the power to control and steer your career. It’s never too late to fix it.

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