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6 Career Opportunities to Consider While Being at College

When students enroll in college, this event marks the beginning of a brand new chapter in their lives. They become independent, mature, and the whole new world of opportunities is waiting for them out there.

Striving to experience their college life to the fullest, many young people start searching for a job. Finding a job enables them to reach the right level of financial freedom needed for making the most of this stage in their lives. And, though combining work and studies can be tough, the benefits it brings outweigh the cons. So the only question is what jobs to consider while being at college? 

If you are determined to find a job, first of all, you will need a professional essay writing service EssayService by your side to help you balance out your work and academic matters. And, once you find a way to cope with your assignments with ease, below are the top six best career opportunities you can consider for yourself!

1. Tutor

Average pay: $24.11/hour

Every college student should have something they are really good at. It might be one of the academic subjects, a language, or any craft, such as music instrument playing, drawing, etc. Whatever it is, if there is something you are really good at, you can consider becoming a tutor.

As a tutor, you can help other students improve their performances, prepare for exams, or figure out a complex topic. You can also give language, music, arts, or other lessons. The best part of this is that you can conduct lessons both in-person and online. That is, this job opportunity will offer you enough flexibility for finding a perfect study-work-life balance. And it also pays well.

2. Academic Writer

Average pay: $23.36/hour

As a student, you should know how hard it can be to handle a huge load of academic assignments and, especially, papers. No wonder why so many students eventually start wondering, “Is there anyone who can write my essay for me?” But, have you ever thought that this could be a great career opportunity for you?

If you feel like writing is your strong side, you can assist your fellow students with their assignments and make money. Becoming a freelance academic writer can have many perks. It pays well and, most importantly, gives you the possibility to manage your own schedule and workload. So, be sure to consider this option as well!

3. Administrative Assistant

Average pay: $14.84/hour

For those of you who are looking for a more traditional career path, one great option you can consider is becoming an administrative assistant. It is an entry-level job that is often available for students. Basically, the job of an administrative assistant is to handle a variety of administrative tasks and assist more senior employees with their work.

Such jobs can be part-time, which is great for students. Also, they are fairly easy to cope with. And, most importantly, unlike becoming a freelance tutor or writer, this career opportunity will let you receive official work experience, which is good for your resume.

4. Campus Library Clerk

Average pay: $12.23/hour

As we mentioned earlier, combining a job with a full-time study can be tough. But what if you will work right where you study? – This would save you plenty of time and help you overcome a whole range of issues. Thus, becoming a campus library clerk isn’t a bad idea.

Compared to the rest of the career opportunities on this list, this job might pay a little lower (though it depends on your school). But, it is a rather simple job that will let you work right on your campus. So, one way or another, it is definitely worth considering.

5. Brand Ambassador

Average pay: $17.44/hour

Do you have social media accounts with a solid following? If the answer is yes, the next career opportunity on our list might be a perfect option for you. Brand ambassadors act as representatives of brands, employed to help raise brand awareness and promote products via social media.

The job typically involves receiving product samples from the brand you are working for and sharing your experience with potential buyers (aka your followers). It can be a fun and well-paid job for a student. And the best part of it is that it is fully remote and offers you a flexible schedule, so it is easy to combine with studying.

6. Blogger

Average pay: $14.12/hour

Living in the 21st century has opened up plenty of fun online career opportunities that everyone can try to make good money and, at the same time, be their own bosses. Blogging is probably one of the most popular careers available out there. And it is a perfect chance for busy students.

You can consider running your own blog on social media or even build your own blog website to share your stories, experiences, and ideas. Regardless of the chosen type of blogging, it can give you a great opportunity to do an interesting job and get paid good money for it.

The Bottom Line

These are only a few of the many career opportunities available to you while still being a college student. But, these jobs are some of the best ones in terms of skill-building, flexibility, pay, and a low-stress environment. So, hopefully, in this article, you will find something that works for you!

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