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Top 5 US Universities to Study Marketing

Studying marketing is exciting. You learn to know how to incline customers into buying by relying on certain psychology tricks and behavioral patterns. You train your creativity and innovation because marketing does not work without these two.

For those who are only considering options, choosing a university with a perfect marketing program is a challenging task. You need to make a decision that will seriously impact your future. After all, studying in a college that you love surrounded by inspired and intelligent people is the greatest luck a student can hope for.

However, choosing marketing to run away from certain subjects is a wrong strategy. For example, marketing is often chosen by people who don’t want anything to do with math. It could be so, but instead, you’ll get tons of creative assignments and essays. You should keep it in mind before you choose marketing.

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Now, getting back to the topic of marketing, we’ve come up with a list of the best places in the U.S. to study this program. Check it out if you are serious about choosing marketing.

University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania offers one of the best marketing programs. This option is great for those who enjoy the combination of lectures, readings, and case studies. The whole learning process is built on the intersection of real-life cases, theory, and computer simulations to prepare a job-ready cadre.

The University of Texas at Austin

The Texas McCombs Business College is a leading business school that delivers a high-quality marketing program. The program involves diverse and inclusive research with plenty of practical lessons.

The University of Texas, Austin, offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and Ph.D. programs in Accounting, Business, Finance, and Marketing. A degree in marketing incorporates several of these subjects to prepare well-rounded marketing professionals.

Carnegie Mellon University

The CMU Tepper School of Business offers a great marketing program oriented at a modern, demanding workplace. Marketing decisions should be based on customer behavior, strategy, pricing, and branding. This Pittsburgh school trains young marketing enthusiasts to excel in all these aspects.

If you want to study at a school with one of the highest job acceptance rates, you’ll have to invest a lot of time and effort in preparation. However, at the end of your studies, you’ll become a qualified communications specialist with diverse marketing knowledge.

University of Notre Dame

This private university offers one of the most competitive marketing programs in the country. The college’s focus is on ethics. Thus, the program helps to bridge classes and marketing roles. It serves to connect theory with organizational reality.

Apart from marketing, this school offers degrees in business, finance, IT, and accounting. Thus, a marketing program also has a bit of all these subjects to equip graduates with hands-on knowledge.

Georgetown University

Another top-five marketing program is offered by Georgetown University. Current students and alumni say altogether that this place creates a unique learning experience. You not only learn marketing but also apply this knowledge in real-time research.

The school prepares a new generation of future leaders and global citizens. Moreover, it equips them with skills adaptable to different workplaces and brands. Whatever country you are coming from, you’ll benefit from this program.


This list could go on and on because the rating of US-based schools with marketing programs lists hundreds of universities. All of them are actually very good. The rating is based on a summary of factors, including but not limited to tuition and international travel.

This rating provides an overview of five colleges with the most recognized and well-known marketing programs. However, if your goal is to learn marketing, combining theory and practice to help brands benefit from the initiatives you drive, choose the school based on the individual factors. No rating in the world can guarantee that you’ll feel comfortable. Your task, however, is to choose the place that fits your individual needs.

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