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6 Things You Need To Know About Your AC

An air conditioner is an appliance that almost every home possesses. It has become an indispensable element of every household due to its benefits and convenience. 

However, despite the fact it is so widely known and used, not many people know some important bits about it.

Nevertheless, here you can find 6 things that you really need to know about your AC!

How does it work?

Although seemingly simple, your AC working mechanism is quite a complex thing! Firstly, the primary role of the air conditioner that you have at home is to cool the inside of your household. The AC manages to do this by blowing cold air into your room by sucking the heat from the very air in your home. Therefore, the air is cooled since it goes through a system of cold pipes. 

Moreover, the “evaporator coil” that is installed in the pipes contains a cold substance that cools the air by absorbing the warm temperature in the air. Naturally, this process is repeated many times and this secures a cool room atmosphere.


An indispensable element that your AC certainly has is a filter. This element is crucial because it absorbs dirty substances from the air and thus cleans the air in your room. Nevertheless, given the fact that the filter works all the time your AC works, it understandably becomes increasingly weak due to the fact it becomes covered in dirt accumulated by the particles in the room atmosphere. 

Although this may decrease its effectiveness, it can continue efficiently collecting dirt from the air for quite a long time. The expert team behind FilterBuy says it has to be changed from time to time, for the efficacy of an AC depends much on the regularity of filter changing. Once you decide to do it, make sure you check different reviews to easily find exactly what your AC needs. On the other hand, try not to be late for a filter change, for if you forget or skip it, then your AC system may become dysfunctional and may not work properly, which can significantly reduce the quality of the air in your room, if not cause pollution. 

AC service

According to the experts, your air conditioner device has to be serviced at least once a year, otherwise, its efficiency may decrease up to 6%. On a larger scale, for only a few years your AC may become significantly less functional or even dysfunctional if not serviced on time.

Important AC functions

Naturally, one of the crucial functions of your AC is the remote power ON/OFF button, otherwise, you would need to climb to your AC whenever you want to turn it on or off.

Likewise, other important functions that your AC has are the following:

  • Temperature adjustment

This function helps you to adjust the room temperature at your convenience. In general, the lowest temperature you can choose is up to 15, and the warmest it is up to 30 degrees celsius.

  • Speed adjustment

You can easily adjust the speed of the AC fan by choosing between different speed options. This can come pretty handy when you need a quick warm-up or cooling of the air in your home.

  • Timer

The timer is yet another useful function that makes the AC experience better. If you happen to be at work all day, you can set a timer so that your AC warms or cools your room one hour before you arrive home.

Keep your outdoor condenser clean

Over the years of use, your outdoor condenser is heavily exposed to many things that can get stuck in it and affect the functionality of your air conditioner. In this light, make sure you keep your outdoor condenser clean from fallen leaves, dirt, etc. However, be aware that you should always turn off your AC before doing any cleaning, for this may prevent many problems that might otherwise occur.

Energy saving

Nowadays there are many types of air conditioner appliances on the market. However, before buying one you should take into account the energy amount that it will be spending over the years of use, which may sometimes be more expensive than you might have thought. Yet again, you can avoid this inconvenience by choosing the one that is energy sustainable, and this is marked on the AC itself in terms of stars. The more stars it has, the more efficient AC is and the less energy it takes.

The air conditioner device is a perfect way to make your home more comfortable and convenient. Make sure you get to know it and learn how to use it properly.

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