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Wake Up To Something New: Coffee and Tea

Starting the day fresh is something we get to do—every single morning. Because of this, it’s a great way to practice new approaches, new explorations, and new habits. Coffee and tea help fuel people’s work, whether you’re on the night shift or you work during the day. There are plenty of ways to change things up in your morning or nighttime routine. 

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Who doesn’t love a morning cup of Joe? If you get in the way of someone’s morning coffee – watch out. You could have a mutiny on your hands. At the very least, you may encounter grumpy moods and irritation. So, let’s not mess with morning coffee. But, even if you are a coffee lover, you might like to mix it up a bit. Why not try something new? 

New Coffees

Take a walk down the coffee aisle of your favorite store. You’ll see a wide array of choices. Different companies. Different blends. Different brews. 

Check out new coffees. For example, if you’ve been loyal to a big brand, try out a small producer. If you’ve never tried a local brand, check it out. If you always drink dark French Roast, try Sumatra. It won’t take too long before you’ve got some new favorites to add to your basket.

New Brew Makers

If you’re used to using a classic coffee maker, try out a new one. Perhaps you’ve got an old brewing machine that is on its last leg. Why not spread your wings and shift to a French Press? Perhaps give a traditional stovetop espresso machine a whirl. Another option is to make a refreshing iced coffee. With a little exploring, you can easily expand your options.

New Cups

Do you always drink out of the same cup? Do you have a favorite mug that you just can’t let go of? That’s all right. We all have certain rituals and attachments. 

Gourmet coffee lovers note that coffee tastes different out of different cups. Try out some new ones to see if this is true for you. Compare glass with porcelain. What do you find? 

While you’re sipping on your coffee, you may notice that you have fresh ideas. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of an architecture career. The wheels start turning. You can see yourself designing environmentally friendly offices and eco-friendly dwellings. Perhaps a specialty in landscape architecture – as you’re always getting ideas for outdoor spaces, urban parks, and university campuses. 

With a fresh brew in hand, it’s easy to get fresh ideas, but let’s not stop there. 

Wake Up and Sip the Tea

While you may only believe coffee is the only morning beverage, much of the world drinks tea. People have been drinking tea for centuries. Black tea. Oolong. Green tea. If you’ve never explored teas, you’re in for a whole new adventure.

New Teas

There is a world beyond the basic tea bags that are usually served in the airport. If you have not tried out different teas, now is the time to stretch.

Check out that aisle in the grocery store. You’ll find unique blends of black tea from England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. Continue and you’ll get familiar teas from Japan, India, and China. With so many teas to choose from, consider hosting a tea party. You can sample teas, much like you would sample wines or cognacs.

Whether you are familiar with it yet or not, teas have widely different flavors, tastes, and amounts of caffeine. Experiment with black tea, green tea, and oolong. Try out Matcha tea for a full-bodied flavor. Once you get started, you may just keep going.

New Tea Pots

Similar to coffee, there’s a wide assortment of ways to brew tea. You’ll quickly find that making tea from tea bags is just the tip of the iceberg.

If you are new to tea brewing, spend some time looking at different types of pots. You may enjoy some retail therapy as you scour the Internet in search of different types of pots.

Many tea drinkers have different teapots – each designed to enhance the flavors and subtle tones of different blends. If you find yourself heading in this direction, talk with other tea drinkers to get recommendations.

New Tea Cups

Teacups come in every size, style, and material. Sip a cup of Sencha from a cup carved out of bamboo. Try green tea with roasted rice in a tiny cup that fits snugly in your palm. Enjoy black tea in a delicate porcelain cup.

Each blend seems to inspire drinking from a different cup. 

Wake Up To New

Are you ready to wake up to something new in your life? Start your day fresh with a fresh approach to your morning brew.

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