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6-year-old uses dad’s phone to order nearly $1,000 worth of Grubhub across Michigan city

As food deliveries piled up outside a Michigan home, a 6-year-old boy was determined to be the unlikely starving culprit.

It started on Saturday, Jan. 28, when Keith Stonehouse let his son Mason play on his phone before bed. This would set Stonehouse back hundreds of dollars, as Mason used his father’s Grubhub account to order from various restaurants.

“Imagine my shock when delivery man after delivery man shows up last night to deliver food to my door,” said Stonehouse, of Chesterfield Township, in a Facebook post.

Mason ordered five orders of jumbo prawns, three hani, salad, grape leaves, chicken shawarma sandwiches and several orders each of chili pepper fries and ice cream, the father said.

Mason wasn’t done even after ordering $322 worth of food. He also ordered $439 worth of pepperoni pizza, but the transaction was flagged and reversed by Chase Bank.

“When I put two and two together that it was Mason, I talked a little bit about it with him,” Stonehouse said. “By this point he was in bed listening to the doorbell ring repeatedly and me voicing my frustration from downstairs. He had the audacity to ask me if the pepperoni pizza had arrived yet !!!! ???? I almost lost my mind.

Stonehouse told MLive that the entire night played out like a “Saturday Night Live” skit. He said they kept food in refrigerators and asked neighbors to help them eat some.

“I knew it could happen, but you don’t think your kid will do something like this,” Stonehouse told MLive. “He’s definitely quite smart, I just didn’t expect it.”

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