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7 Career Paths You Can Take by Studying Online

Changing your career is never an easy feat. You may have slipped into the comfort of your nine till five, with the idea of pursuing something new seeming out of reach. These days, however, we have more opportunities to learn what we are passionate about. Online learning is becoming more and more popular, especially in this time of COVID. There is no limit to what you can study from the comfort of your own home, which can lead to your dream life-long career. Here are twelve careers you can step into by taking online courses.  

1: Accountant

Have you always had a flair for numbers? Did you particularly enjoy math at school, but never found the chance to pursue it? Becoming an accountant is a great career for those who like numbers and organization. There is currently a growing demand for accountants, with many businesses looking to hire their own, and there’s even a chance of becoming your own boss and setting up your business based on your accounting talents! On top of this is also the competitive pay that comes alongside being an accountant. Does this sound like the perfect career for you? There are plenty of online degrees in accounting, where you can learn everything you need to become an accountant and show employers that you will know exactly what to do when it comes to their numbers. 

2: Librarian

Working as a librarian is more than simply stamping books and restocking shelves; there is plenty of work behind the scenes. To become a professional librarian, having a degree is almost essential to get you started. If you already have a degree, obtaining a master’s in Library and Information Science is a great way of furthering your studies while learning the ways of a library, of which you can do from home. If you dream of working in an environment surrounded by books, but you don’t have the time to attend full-time university, an online degree or masters in a librarianship related course will set you on the right track towards achieving your dream. While the majority of your studying will be online (giving you your much-needed flexibility), many online degrees and masters also offer opportunities for internships, which will give you essential work experience that will help you find a job once you’ve completed your studies. 

3: Pediatric Nurse

Being a pediatric nurse can be one of the most rewarding nursing careers. If you have always dreamt of entering a medical career where you can help children, it may just be the job for you. It may surprise you to learn that you can study for your degree to become a pediatric nurse online. Yes – you can study vocational courses from home. A great choice would be Baylor University, which offers brilliant online courses to become a pediatric nurse practitioner. One of the great benefits of choosing to study to become a pediatric nurse from home is the flexibility it can give you, meaning you will have more time to focus on the work experience provided with many of the degrees. The more time spent actively working on the job; the more rewarding the study will be.

4: Teacher

Another great career for you if you have always wanted to help children is teaching. Like with online nursing degrees, studying to become a teacher online means you will have more time for on-site work experience, which is the most beneficial study of all. You can study a teaching degree (a good option being a bachelor’s in science in education). If you already have a degree, you can advance your studying with an MA in education. If you’ve always thought you’d make a magnificent teacher, study to become one at home and make more room for the important part of the education – being in the classroom.

5: Counselor

Has the idea of becoming a counselor always floated around the back of your mind? Perhaps you have a flair for helping others and a great deal of compassion? Being a counselor can be one of the most fulfilling careers you can aspire to embark on, as the main purpose of the job is to help others work through their problems. Fortunately, you can study to become a counselor online. Getting an online degree in psychology is a great start on the career path, as is getting a master’s in counseling, both of which you can study from home. There are many affordable online courses in counseling to choose from when it comes to learning to become a counselor, so whether you want to pursue an online counseling certification to work in a school, become a marriage counselor, or work with those who suffer from substance abuse, you will be sure to come across the correct course for you.

6: Software Developer

Do you have an interest in programming? Maybe it’s something you have already dabbled in? Software development is a great career choice, as they are in high demand, and the pay is extremely competitive. Learning to become a software developer from home makes perfect sense – most of what you are learning will be done on a computer. There is no need for lengthy traveling or finding a classroom; learning from home is the perfect way to become a software developer (especially as many software developers end up working from home, so you will be acclimatized to that already!). 

7: Graphic Designer

Much like software development, graphic design is mainly done from a computer, so it makes sense to learn from your computer to cut down on time spent traveling to a place of education. When studying an online course in graphic design, you will have the opportunity to build your own portfolio, so upon completion of the course, you can show off your honed graphic design skills. It’s a perfect career to get started in your own home!

Gone are the days where pursuing a career meant having to attend a university or college – you can now better your career and further your skills, all from the flexibility and comfort of your own home. 

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