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7 Workplace Negligence Lawsuits That Might Apply to You

Workplace negligence can be a lot more than a simple mixup or accident. It can become a massive amount of problems no matter which side you are on.

If you are an employer or employee, you need to consider what dangers workplace negligence can create.

Let’s take a look at 7 major examples of workplace negligence lawsuits and how they can affect you!

Deliberate Altercations

Any altercation with the employee, such as a physical fight, that then causes a major accident is grounds for a serious workplace negligence lawsuit.

This can even cover even emotional altercation as well. Anger can be a major cause in workplace injury as it can blind the employer or employee to a hazard.

Non-Compliance With Regulations

OSHA regulations, and other government-mandated regulations, help to keep the workplace safe. If an employer is not following the regulations or an employee is not cooperating with them, there is a good chance an accident will happen. This breeds a lawsuit that few can win.

Toxic Torts

Any time a worker must interact with toxic or hazardous materials, there is a risk of a claim for workplace negligence. This falls under toxic tort laws.

Even the most regulated exposure to toxic chemicals can be dangerous. As such, it is safer to go above and beyond regulations to ensure worker safety and avoid workplace negligence.

Injuries Caused by Equipment You Manufacture

If you are a manufacturer, you must deal with potential injuries that come from your product but not under your supervision. This is a special type of negligence case and focuses on poor product safety and quality.

Any customer who has come under harm following the regulated instructions for your product has a potential claim to this case.

Denying the Injury or Claim

If a worker files a workplace negligence lawsuit and you deny the claim or even attempt to cover up the claim, this will often only bring more damage to you and your company in the form of personal lawsuits.

Workers’ compensation has a system for investigating a worker’s injury claims. Going outside this system only brings trouble.

Ignoring Workers’ Compensation Insurance

The workers’ compensation system only works with businesses that have workers’ compensation insurance. Not having this insurance as a business is a major issue that can lead to a lawsuit.

Claims by Independent Contractors

A large grey area of employer concerns comes from independent contractors. These contractors are not employees of your business, but will often operate in dangerous areas on your property. As such, if an independent contractor injures themself on your property, you may be liable.

The problem comes from the usual workers’ compensation channels not applying here. This makes you extra vulnerable with independent contractors. Many contractors have their own insurance but not all do. Be mindful of this as you hire them.

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Finding a Guide for Your Legal Needs

To ensure that you can get through any legal troubles, you need a qualified lawyer to guide and protect you. A consummate professional like this lawyer is a great start. Free consultations help you get the right fit for the right case.

Coming Out on Top With Workplace Negligence

Workplace negligence is a messy process. Working with it and preventing it can be an easy fix with proper regulations, safety standards, and employee training.

There are a lot of little details these days that can become major issues. From business and finance to entertainment and personal fun, there is much that needs exploring. Check out our other articles today!

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