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A Guide To Essential Firearm Accessories for Every Gun Owner

Gun ownership is a touchy subject in the U.S., but a third of the adult population has at least one. Some are considering owning one in the future, while a little less than a third of those surveyed don’t reckon ever owning a firearm.

The main concern for both sides is safety. As it stands, though, owning a gun isn’t necessarily dangerous. Every gun owner must know how to wield their firearms at home, outside, at the range, or anywhere at all.

If you own a gun, you must also have the right firearm accessories. See below what you need to have right away.

  1. Gun Cleaning Supplies

One of the first things you should buy alongside your gun is a cleaning kit. You’ll need to clean your firearm after each use if you want to use it for years to come.

Every time you use it, your gun accumulates residue and debris in the internal mechanisms and outside, including the gun stocks, nozzles, and such. Particles from the bullet when fired and burnt gunpowder stick to the barrel.

When you apply oil and lubricant as a part of maintenance, it helps any residue stick to the gun. Dirt and dust from the environment also stick to the surface even if you don’t use your firearm.

All the buildup of residue, dirt, and debris decreases the effectiveness of the gun. You might experience a firing failure or at least a decrease in precision.

Whether you’re using the gun for sport or self-defense, reliability and accuracy are two things you should feel confident in. Regular cleaning will help you make sure you can rely on your gun when the need arises. This increases longevity, as well, so you can get the most out of it.

Besides, cleaning your firearm the right way will also help you understand it better. You’ll have to disassemble and reassemble it all the time. You’ll gain better insight into the inner workings of your gun.

What You Need

You can buy general cleaning kits that contain most essentials. At the least, you’ll need a solvent, boring brush, bore snake, lubricant, and some swabbing patches.

Some kits have more, like a gun vise, bore guide, and so on, allowing you to clean your firearm better. You can also get a kit that’s specific for your gun’s type and model.

You likely also need a portable cleaning kit, depending on your activities. It’s not for deep cleaning, but it will help you keep your gun in tip-top shape even when you’re away from home.

Don’t forget to get some gloves and a tray. You need these to protect your skin and table from the chemicals. Your gun also stays safe from the oil and dirt from your hands.

  1. Gun Storage and Carry

After buying a gun, where do you store it after bringing it home? If possible, you should already something ready even before you buy one.

Most of the time, your house doesn’t have a good space to act as gun storage. No, your nightstand isn’t a good idea, especially if you have kids in the house.

It’s your responsibility to ensure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, including the little ones. Note that even preteens and teens can be at risk with a gun in the house, as well. They have a higher risk of suicide when there’s one at home.

Then, what makes good storage? Consider getting concealment furniture. It’s a secure yet accessible solution that doesn’t look like it has a gun inside.

Examples can be tables, coat racks, and even wall decorations. You can still keep your house safe in an emergency while making sure no one else but those who know about it can have access to the gun.

Remember to buy a muzzle lock, as well. It adds another layer of protection while you’re not using the gun.

Transporting Your Gun

You also need a bag for transporting your gun and its accessories. You need more than a simple duffle bag, which won’t provide good enough protection for your firearms.

A gun travel case can transport your gun safely from your home to the range, forest, or wherever you need to travel to. A case with padding is ideal so your gun and accessories won’t get scratched up while in transit.

Make sure the case is also durable and watertight. Choose one with a hard shell for better protection. Still, high-quality softshells can also work.

Aside from offering protection, a case also ensures you follow firearm transportation laws. These laws vary by state and international governments. Always check where you’re going to avoid non-compliance.

  1. Safety Gear

If you’re serious about owning and using a gun, you also need accessories that will protect you. First, you need some protection for your eyes and ears.

Firing a gun can cause damage to your ears if you’re not careful. A 22-caliber rifle can make a noise that’s 140 decibels loud. Some types can even produce over 175 dB.

Compare that to a clap of thunder, which registers at only 120 dB. You should also consider that gunfire is much closer to your ear than the thunders you’ve heard so far.

When you’re training or shooting at a range, make sure to always have earmuffs on. Repeated exposure to this much noise can result in hearing loss, but wearing over-ear or in-ear protection can negate the damage.

You should also buy eye protection as ejected shells can fire shrapnel toward the direction of your face. You can buy the two in the same kit or separately.

  1. Ammunition and Extra Magazine

It’s not usually known among non-gun owners, but there are several types of ammunition. A gun enthusiast would already have their favorite. For new owners, though, they have to do some research first.

If you don’t know what’s right for you, consult gun dealers first. You need the right load for your firearm, so don’t go in blind.

Once you find your favorite ammo, buy in bulk to get great deals. It also saves you time and the freedom to practice fully at the range.

Speaking of, having extra magazines at home and to take with you is a lifesaver. This is something that new owners might overlook, but you’ll learn right away how effective a gun is without ammunition.

You need some extra magazines whether you’re practicing at the range or carrying a concealed firearm. Make sure to choose the right model for your gun; you can browse Magpul products for a start.

While you’re at it, buy some snap caps, too. These are accessories shaped like a standard shotshell or cartridge.

You need some if you intend to dry-fire your firearms. Doing this without snap caps exerts stress on the trigger and firing pin. It can damage the internal parts of your gun without a snap cap.

  1. Gun Scopes

No matter what kind of firearm you have, scopes can be useful. You don’t need to be hunting to need them; they’re great for target shooters, too. You can mount them on rifles, shotguns, and handguns.

Scopes allow you to aim better by aligning the barrel with the target. They often have crosshairs for this purpose.

They also have variable magnification that allows you to see farther. When you have scopes, you can “zoom in” on more distant objects.

The type of scope that’s right for you depends on what you want to use it for. For hunting, you need some weatherproof and shockproof scopes. High-powered scopes are great for target shooting for more accuracy.

  1. Gun or Activity Specific Accessories

Aside from the usual accessories, you also need to buy some that are specific to your gun or the activities you partake in. If you want to hunt, going to need different accessories than an owner of a self-defense gun. The same goes for when you want to use your gun for sport or any other activities.

For hunting, for example, you’ll need a bipod for a gun. Not only does it make you a better shooter, but it also helps stabilize the gun.

Some might also get interested in vertical gun grips. These are the ones you mount on the front of a long-barrel firearm. However, you have to read up on laws first as adding one might make your firearm illegal.

If you’re carrying a concealed handgun, you need a holster and a car holster. The first one allows you to have the gun on your person without worry as it acts as a trigger guard. Your state might also require you to have one, but it varies per state.

Some other accessories you can buy are hand guards, laser sighting, range gear, and so on.

Buy High-Quality Firearm Accessories

No matter what firearm accessories you’re buying, make sure it’s of high-quality. You want something you can use alongside your gun for a long time.

It shouldn’t compromise the usability of your gun; after all, you’re buying it to improve your experience. Settling on low-quality accessories might give unnecessary headaches instead. If you want to learn more, visit our website today.

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