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A Kansas City man has been charged with throwing a Raytown officer down stairs, breaking his ankle

The Jackson County Attorney’s Office said Friday that a man from Kansas City has been charged with throwing a Raytown officer down stairs and breaking his ankle.

After police were called to a report of a domestic fight, Twann McGill Jr., 41, was charged with second-degree assault and resisting or interfering with an arrest.

Thursday night, just before 10 p.m., a group of reporters said they heard a man and a woman fighting in the 7700 block of Raytown Road. At one point, the woman yelled, “Stop putting your hands on me!”

When the police officers were outside the house, they heard a man say that he would “beat” someone. The screaming stopped when someone knocked on the door.

McGill opened the door and told the officers to go. Court records show that after the officer locked the door, he or she threatened to kick it open if the suspect didn’t cooperate.

Prosecutors say that when McGill wouldn’t let them in, other officers came to help. McGill opened the door and tried to lock it again, but an officer stepped in, grabbed the suspect, and pulled him out.

Prosecutors say McGill kept fighting back, pushing officers and trying to close the door.

When the four police officers finally got into the apartment, they put McGill in handcuffs and led him to the stairwell. At the top of the stairs, McGill is said to have knelt down and thrown an officer by the arm with his shoulder.

The officer then fell down the stairs, hit his head on a wall, and hit the ground below.

According to court records, McGill and another officer fell after him, crushing the leg of the first officer.

Prosecutors say that the officer said he heard a pop and then couldn’t put any weight on his foot. He was taken to the Research Medical Center, where X-rays showed that his left ankle was broken.

After figuring out who the woman in the apartment was that night, investigators couldn’t get in touch with her again.

The bond for McGill was set at $100,000. His next court date hasn’t been set up yet.

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