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Cincinnati mayor talks trash in front of Bengals-Kansas City bosses

This weekend, the Cincinnati Bengals want to go to the Super Bowl for the second year in a row, but an old foe is in their way. The Kansas City Chiefs have been on the way to the Super Bowl for the past five years. The Bengals’ luck is that they know how to beat the Chiefs. They even won the AFC Championship Game against the Chiefs last year. In fact, Joe Burrow has never lost to Patrick Mahomes and the rest of the Chiefs. He is 3-0 against Mahomes and company, but he won’t start this weekend.

The highest office in Cincinnati is full of confidence, just like the rest of the city. On Thursday, the mayor of Cincinnati, Aftab Pureval, put out a video in which he asked Joe Burrow to take a paternity test to find out if he is Patrick Mahomes’ father or not.

I know it sounds cringe-worthy, but the thought was there. “Who Dey” turned into “Who’s Your Daddy?” Does this make sense. She’s just adding to the phrase. But it was just a joke that didn’t hurt anyone, so it shouldn’t have had any big effects, right?

Brittany Mahomes, Patrick’s girlfriend and every Chiefs fan’s worst nightmare, woke up after a year’s sleep right before the team’s most important game of the season. People in Kansas City can only be left with no choice but to give up. When Brittany Mahomes is in the news, bad things always follow. During the Chiefs’ run to the playoffs last year, she and her brother-in-law Jackson Mahomes were both big on social media. What happened, hm? Have lost! This year, with Brittany and Jackson in the background, Mahomes has re-established himself as the best quarterback in the league and is likely to win the MVP award. After falling to the feared 2 seed in the AFC in 2021, the team has won first place in the conference in 2022. Coincidence? I don’t believe so!

Any time Brittany Mahomes is seen, it’s bad news for the Chiefs, both in terms of their reputation and on the field. She might pour champagne on shivering fans after a big win or say that referees never “favor” the Chiefs.

Maybe this was Mayor Pureval’s plan all along: to rob Patrick Mahomes in a funny and embarrassing way, only for his wife to show up and ruin any chance the bosses had of winning. Even though it’s called Pureval, that plan is a pure stroke of genius… what did I do there? I’m so smart. I’m sure that no one has ever made a joke like that before.

Still, I don’t disagree with everything Ms. Mahomes has to say. Was it a big deal? Yeah. I mean, the mayor even sent out a tweet that said, “Nation of Bengal, Lol. I understand. My desire to win and my love for Cincinnati got the best of me. My fault. Keep wanting and being humble. We’ll see you Sunday. Who Dey baby!

But was he weak? At all. People usually see a dominance hierarchy when they see one, and the Bengals have shown the Chiefs one since Burrow became the starting quarterback for the team. It’s not weak to go against the flow. Instead, it would be weak to give up to a team that was easy to beat. So Mayor Pureval has the upper hand in this way.

But in football, I have to give the edge to Cincinnati. As I said, Brittany Mahomes’s return can mean only one thing: bad luck for everyone in Kansas City. I wouldn’t be surprised if, when the clock at Arrowhead struck midnight, the city of Cincinnati could be heard cheering from the stands.

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