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Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About Diamonds

Diamond is one the most desirable gemstone not only among ladies but men as well. It is valuable, beautiful, and a status symbol also. You know that every diamond is unique because it is made with plenty of characteristics. Diamonds are attractive and can make anyone smile and feel special. Diamonds are no more related to weddings, and today you can find them on clothing items, watches, custom-made items, smartphones, etc. Diamonds have an extraordinary place in history, and even in modern times, diamonds are as valuable as ever. In earlier times, diamonds were part of royalty and richness. 

But today, diamonds are pretty affordable and also a pretty investment. So How Much Is a Diamond Worth? Diamonds price is estimated according to its carats from instance 0.50 carat is between $550-$3,854. If you love diamonds, you must know some amazing facts about diamonds that we bet you didn’t realize until now. These facts are interesting and will make you love your diamond more.

Interesting facts about diamonds

Diamonds are not just sparkling beauty that everyone loves, but some interesting things are also associated with diamonds that you must know.

Fact #1 Our planet is estimated to be 4.5 billion years old, and yes, diamonds existing in nature are also pretty old, around 3 billion years old. The oldest diamond is estimated to be 3.3 billion years.

Fact #2 Diamonds are not just precious stones, and the word diamond comes from the Greek word ADAMAS meaning indestructible. Our ancestors used to believe that diamonds have amazing capabilities. Diamonds can promote courage, invincibility, and strength. Many interesting stories like the Greeks believed that diamonds came from stars and fell on earth as splinters. Romans had their own stories about diamonds. They believed that diamonds were mighty and could be worn as talismans and ward off evil energies. This belief came from Indian mythology.

Fact #3 The Cullinan is the name of the world’s largest diamond which is 3,106 carats. So if you are thinking How Much Is a Diamond Worth of such carats, the answer is pretty expensive even for the wealthy.

Fact #4 Diamonds are related to romance, and the first romantic man named Archduke Maximilian from Austria proposed his love Mary from burgundy by presenting her with a diamond ring in 1477.

Fact #5 In the pure state, do diamonds have no color? Interstitial impurities give hues to the colored diamonds. The rarest colors you will see are blue and red. The typical hues are brown and yellow.

Fact #6 Diamonds are measured in carats, and the word comes from KERATIN. Keratin is a tree found in the Mediterranean, and its seeds were used to measure precious stones centuries ago, which is why we got carats for measuring diamonds.

Fact # 7 In the 13th century, only kings were allowed to wear diamonds according to the France law.

Fact# 8 diamonds are the hardest substances, and only another diamond can scratch your diamond and nothing else.

Fact# 9 80% of the diamonds available today goes for industrial use in the modern times

Fact #10 If you are born in April, then a diamond is your birthstone, so get one

Fact #11 Today, we also have lab-created diamonds, which are a replica of real diamonds. It is tough to differentiate both, and we will need special equipment to find the difference.

These are some of the amazing facts about diamonds, and now, because you know so many things about your diamond, share them with your friends.

The most interesting fact about a diamond

If you love the universe and space, then this fact is going to aww you. Diamonds are also formed in outer space. South American and African diamonds are called carbonados diamonds, and they are believed to form from the deposit by an asteroid. This asteroid hit the earth around three billion years ago. Carbonados diamonds are unique, and no diamond ring has a carbonados diamond in it. Carbonados diamonds are extremely porous and have a high graphite level in them. If you need one, look for black diamond jewelry.

Want to dig your diamond?

If you are interested in selling your diamond, then head to DiamondBanc, home of the crater of the diamond state park. The world’s diamond site where anyone can dig in their diamond. It is the 8th most giant diamond-bearing volcano crater on the earth. Here you might find yellow, brown, or white diamonds. The largest diamond was also found here in 1924. If you want others to ask you How Much Is a Diamond Worth, and then visit this place and get your diamond that will be worth millions of dollars. To know more about diamonds, visit Diamond Banc and learn more interesting things about this precious stone.

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